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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shaune, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. shaune

    shaune New Member

    Finally a site dedicated to auctions!!!!! Bravo! :)
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  2. Dragon

    Dragon Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    Welcome aboard!
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  3. shaune

    shaune New Member

    Thanks, I'm the girl who sold her cleavage to Golden Palace twice. I was in New York last week with Andrew Fischer for the Tony Danza Show. We had a great time. :lol:
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  4. The_Human_Pin

    The_Human_Pin Registered Member

    welcome im the perm forehead guy that GP bought :)

    B "THP" M
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  5. shaune

    shaune New Member

    Human Pin, Were you on the Extreme Gong Show in LA? I worked on that show, and we had a guy like you as a guest...Was it YOU?
  6. pork

    pork Registered Member

    Wow how many people in here did golden palace buy lol im feeling all left out lmao i need to start brainstorming on the ultimate auction idea :(
  7. The_Human_Pin

    The_Human_Pin Registered Member

    nope no game shows YET! but i have a new record in the works so ya never know.

    B "THP" M
  8. shaune

    shaune New Member

    Well, come up with something, Pork....If you auction, they will come....

    Check this....

    [MOD EDIT]

  9. jesudason55

    jesudason55 Registered Member

    This auction site rocks! Thanks for creating something like this!
  10. Teorropy

    Teorropy Registered User

    Glad you guys love this site, have fun and see ya around.
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