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This is Crazy OR is it?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Ok well he is selling something..I don't know why anyone would buy an orange dot and maby an old saying. But you never know. If they sell I will beshocked.
I thinkI'm gonna have to sell the Blue Duck!!! :lol:
Till next time.................. :warp:


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well you know the saying theres one born everyday and it looks as if he found 1


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Well darn......and I just stocked up on orange dots yesterday! Guess I won't be buying one.......

But hey....if it works......???


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Orange you glad you didn't bid on that one? :)


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I am wondering how much the orange dots costs him along with the envelope and the stamp. Seems to me he may go in the hole rather than being a millionaire


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krakkan said:
Orange you glad you didn't bid on that one? :)

Ohhh man, you guys are SO funny! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

Hey, I noticed that he's sold one of them! LOL so only 999,999.00 more to go! :D
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he he doesn't sell any more of these he will be in the hole....those sticky dots cost around 3 dollars a package and then of coarse the envelope and the stamp....so he's already out around 5 bucks with tax and auction costs....I was thinking of doing the same thing with a picture..but use e-mail...cheaper that way :)