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This has nothing to do with auctions but...HELP?


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Nanner said:
I am desperate (did I spell that right)? I'm asking everyplace I can think of. Anyone know how to get about 1/2 bottle of fingernail polish out of an off white carpet? Leave a 3 yr old alone with Daddy while you go out "with the girls" for the first time in 5 months and that is what you come home to. Think I'm doomed and it's in a spot where I can't set anything on top of it (yeah a nice plant almost right in the middle of the room? Lovely look....but hey better than a nice dark mauve spot?) The carpet is barely a year old too :( HELP?????!!!!!??? (crossing my fingers cuz I know there are quite a few Moms here)

Hmmm maybe I could cut out the spot (about 3")! and sell it on Ebay as something.......
i use to take stains out of carpets for a living just get you some laquer thinner and soak a rag with it then just start scrubing away the stain hope this helps

p.s. this wont hurt the carpet but have a fan running to chease out the smell


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As a mom with boys that are into EVERYTHING here are some tips that I have tried.....
  1. Oops (made by the makers of goo gone)
  2. Simple green full-strength
  3. Oxi Clean
  4. Shaving cream (yes it works wonders on white carpet)
If you need help with any of these just let me know... and I can give you the step by step for any or all if you need it!!

Hope this helps :)