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This Halloween


Registered Member
For Halloween this year, will you be found sitting at home handing out candy to the local kiddies??
Or are you a Halloween 'scrooge' and turn off all your lights and ignore trick-or-treaters??
Who all has plans to attend a party or find the best haunted house??
Myself, I like going thru a haunted house....not one that'll give me a damn heart attack, but one that is thrilling and scary :)


Seeing as I'm still in college, that means I'll be partaking in drunken costumed debauchery. Some of my friends are having a party at their house, so I'll be heading that way with my room mates and my girlfriend most likely. Now I just gotta decide on which of my two costume ideas I wanna go with...


I have no plans so far. I don't like to celebrate it because simply there's a lack of interest from my part.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's on a Sunday this year meaning I probably won't be going to a party that evening. I'm sure though that I'll be going out that Saturday night to a few parties.

This is going to be my first Halloween at my new house, I'm not sure what to expect. It's a pretty big community with lots of houses, so I wouldn't be surprised if my doorbell rang often.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
This will be my first Halloween in a country that celebrates Halloween (yep, not here in FR). I already got a costume and we're just picking a club to go to, from the various that have Halloween events.


Well-Known Member
This year will be the second only time i've celebrated Halloween, and I have absolutely no idea what to dress up as.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am going to be out of town that weekend but will actually be back on Halloween itself. Not that it does any good all the fun stuff will happen on either that Friday or Saturday. So I'll probably do nothing...Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays but I'm not creative to come up with costumes anymore so I don't really do much.


Embrace the Suck
All I have to do is stick two bolts into the sides of my neck and I have an instant Frankenstein costume:lol:

Probably not going to do much, just hand candy out to the kids


Registered Member
Actually, Halloween isn't even a 'holiday'.....more of a fun night for the children, I guess you could say~
It's not the same anymore anyway...in the years gone by, you could take your children to anyone's house and let them shout "trick-or-treat"...but not now.
You don't dare let them go to complete stranger's houses.
Most families I know, host a small Halloween party, or go to haunted houses.
I really don't get into handing out candy...I'm more apt to open the door, toss out a few candy bars, and yell "have at it" ~LoL~
Oh well....I hope everyone that dresses up has a great time tho!
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