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This guy is really skillful


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Check this out, at first it looks like it is just an idiot kid making a video for youtube, but keep watching because this guy is really good at guitar.

YouTube - Cannon Rock (JerryC)

This guy is a professional guitarist.


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I always liked this one more because it's a younger kid and his tones are a lot clearer, but both have some serious talent.


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I've seen the first one but that second is pretty awesome too. I'd like to get my hands on a studio recording of this but for some reason nobody has made one.


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Oh, yeah, that is what I am talking about. I agree they both have serious talent. I will some day learn to play the guitar.


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I've actually listened to it three times through. I've gotta say I love the music, and he's got some serious abilities. I wonder what type of guitar that is, it looks just like my '69 Teisco. Sounds a little different though, hm. Youtube is a great place to check out Guitarists they've got some really insane people on there, you've just got to sift through all the crap.


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I rock'd. I totally love this kind of stuff.


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Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I actually had it on my ipod for a while.

but I have to ask...where are the drums coming from?

oh yeah, it's Canon, not Cannon =/
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Likes snow
I imagine he added the drums later on. Maybe not him but a friend perhaps. I'd really like a studio version of this song though.
Apparently, he's working on making a CD :Q