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This Fat Wallet Aint No Mystery


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh WOW man these mysery wallets are really catching on..I just want the cash. :lol: I can't belive this. The CB is $591.00 with 9 days left.This will be fun to watch. :cool:

BTW Welcome teena


Registered Member
wow that is one i am gonna have to add to my waych list would be nice if i could afford to bid on it lol


Registered Member
The auction says "I am offering you a completely stuffed wallet worth more than any other auction you will ever see on Ebay and that my friends is a very true and honest statement!" That is one heck of a statement to make!
Hope they mean more than any other wallet auction and not all of eBay??? (although even if just wallet auctions how would they know)?