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Third Eye Blind trolls RNC in Cleveland


Registered Member
K. So maybe this belongs in Offbeat News? LOL.
Third Eye Blind trolled the Republicans over LGBT rights before performing another one of their tracks.
Yeah, like anyone really knows who Third Eye Blind is or was, right? They had maybe 2 hits and as much talent as Kicking Daisies. Even Panic! at the Disco has more talent than them but hey, it's all about people reaching out.
Third Eye Blind Infuriates Republicans at Concert Near RNC

So, what's your take on it?
Should more people be allowed to speak out at these conventions?
Was it inappropriate behavior?


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Holy crap, I never thought I'd hear about Third Eye Blind ever again.
Yeah, 6 year hiatus since Ursa Major but they finally dropped Dopamine last summer. It got decent reviews from Rolling Stone and Absolute Punk before that went defunct last month and redirected to Chorus.fm.

I mean, it's cool they reached out at the RNC with social issues but I wonder if anyone really listened. Mostly people hire bands to party, not for political rants.


Free Spirit
Staff member
They sound like idiots to me for doing this.


Embrace the Suck
You play music for a living. It's a charity. Shut up and do what you're there for. Even a non relevant band like Third Eye Blind should be intelligent enough to understand this.


not a plastic bag
I actually get a little embarrassed for these entertainment clowns that attack republicans with the meme "raise your hand if you believe in science". Lol, did you graduate 6th grade?


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Media attention to sell their new album?
So maybe just hire Twenty One Pilots next time. They probaly don't know what "science" means either but they pwn'd the 2016 music awards so no reason to prove that they don't. LOL!