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    ATARIGUY Beermister

    I am thinking about getting some colorful plants to take care of and keep me busy this winter and I am wondering which plants I should get ??

    I live in a small apartment and it needs color and I like plants better than flowers.

  2. Jeanie

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    the first thing to pop into my mind was a Wandering Jew. How to Care for a Wandering Jew Plant |

    Dracaenas (dracaenae?) are nice too. They have red-tipped leaves and are very very easy to grow. I had one that I started in a 5" pot and it grew to be over 3' tall, until my kittehs ate it >.<
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    My mother loves exotic looking flowers so she has Phalaenopsis' all over her house. They're not too hard to take care of, you just keep them in bright area, but away from direct sunlight. 50% to 80% humidity is ideal. You water them every 7 to 12 days and fertilize with 20:20:20 fertilizer every other watering. Its a nice flower if you wanna give it a try.

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    ATARIGUY Beermister

    I should have added that the colorful plants have to be potted as I am not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling or walls or put holes anywhere for anything.
  5. Jeanie

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    you could conceivably put the wandering jew on a pedestal-type plant stand. It doesn't necessarily have to hang, it's just that it's a trailing plant.

    Dracaena might be your best option, though, particularly because they're so easy to care for.

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