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Things you've seen at the Theatre?


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This section is basically dead, here's an attempt at bringing it back just a bit.

What have you seen at the theatre? No, we aren't talking about movies but rather live performances.

Let's leave musical stuff (like opera and orchestra) out of it.

I've seen the following.

-The Nutcracker

Wicked was just incredible, I really enjoyed it. I saw it off Broadway with my mom. As for The Nutcracker, I think I was too young to really appreciate it when I saw it.

What are some things you've seen at the theatre?


I'm serious
I've only been to the theatre twice in my life, and that was as a young child. My mom took me both times. The first time was for Swan Lake and the second was The Nutcracker. I enjoyed both very much. It was after that that I started musical lessons and ballet. The ballet didn't last long at all.


I love the theatre!

Wicked (3 times)
King Kong
War Horse
Bugsy Malone
Sweet Charity
The Who's Tommy

I saw a ballet in St Petersburg when I was in Russia. I don't remember what one.

I go to a lot of small artsy theatre performances that people from other cities wouldn't know. I recently went to one called Gayby about children growing up with gay parents. It was great.


Sally Twit
Sister Act
Ghost the Musical
Dirty Dancing

I really enjoyed them all and I have plans to see more in future. I already have 'The Rocky Horror Show' booked in September.


It's not me, it's you.
The most notable is Wicked. I saw it when I was in Chicago and it was pretty awesome.

I've also seen 2 local theater productions. One my sister and uncle were acting in together, the Odd Couple. My uncle was one of the Odd Couple, can't remember who my sister was. It was a minor supporting actor. I then saw another show with her in it, but I couldn't tell you the name of it now.


Not many. I vaguely remembering seeing The Lion King on a school field trip. I was bored and would've preferred to just go see the animated film instead. Haha.


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Years ago, I volunteered at a theater arts center. As a result, I was able to see a performance for free.

It was about a man in prison who, at the end of the performance, hung himself.

It was powerful stuff.