Things you wouldn't do for a million dollars?


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People often say "I wouldn't do that even for a million dollars!"

Well, is it true? Are there some things you wouldn't do even for a million dollars?

What are they? And would you do them for more than a million? How much more?


Sally Twit
I wouldn't run naked across a sporting event for a million POUNDS. I wouldn't do it for all the money in the world. I wouldn't want to be remembered for that reason.

Oh, and I wouldn't do a Demi Moore. Dirty girl.
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i would not do ..
kill people .hurt otheres..everythings that make me feel shame...and married someone i donnot like ...


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I would not sit in a room full of spiders. No amount of money in the world would make me do that. Everything else I would consider.


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I have a great connection with my current girlfriend and we are really close and we have been together for two months now and if someone gave me a million dollars to dump her and break her heart, there is no way in hell I would do it.


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I would never ever eat bugs for a million, maybe if the price was raised to 60million, then yes.
Also same as Bliss, I wouldnt never run about naked anywhere in a public event or place! Not matter how much you paid me!
I would get publicly naked for even less that a million dollars ha.

Things I wouldn't do:
- Kill a person
- Try to negatively impact someone's life. (Physically or emotionally)
- Hurt/Kill my dog or any animal.
- Give up my friends/family.
Same as Bliss/nix, and also I wouldn't kill anyone. Or have a limb chopped off. Or agree to spend 8 hours everyday watching anime. Or never see family again. Or a bunch of other stuff.