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Things you don't understand


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1) The difference between Rugby League & Rugby Union.
2) Women
3) Why does IE crash every hour or so.


Women is for sure on the top of my list, other than that, not too much boggles my mind.

I suppose I don't really understand why baseball is so popular. I also am totally confused when hockey players don't wear shields.... dumbasses.

I don't understand why chinese food only fills you for 30-minute chunks and then you need to eat some more of it.


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People who play the Sims. It's not a video game and it's easily one of the biggest signs that our society is approaching it's own demise.


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1) The difference between Rugby League & Rugby Union.
I have to agree with you here.

Also: Men, How people find Adam Sandler funny, and Why I don't get hangovers (A good thing, but still I don't understand it)


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People who play the Sims. It's not a video game and it's easily one of the biggest signs that our society is approaching it's own demise.

Aw come on... It is a video game. Not everybody who plays it has no life. I play it occasionally, and I do not think of it any more than a video game.

Anyways, what do I not understand?

People who prefer warm weather.

Can't think of anything else right now.


Why do people still play Sims? Sims3 is coming out soon catch a wake up! Now I don't get why people fall asleep during mindless movies on Friday nights.


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Envy just saying "People who prefer warm weather"

I have to add that I don't understand why people prefer cold weather, except for the fact that it feels great when you warm yourself up and everything, but WHY?


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When you live where I do, where cold weather is becoming such a rarity, it is possible to love it.

I look at things like this:

Hot weather :

- There's no way to truly cope with it unless you have an air conditioner or a fan that works well (which fans don't work well when it gets too warm.)
- Bugs. Bugs freak me out like nothing else. I'd be happy if they didn't exist... or at least if I were never anywhere near one.
- (Maybe this kind of goes with the first one... but oh well.) Hot weather heats my room up like an oven. My parents love to wait until the temperature every day is in the mid 90s until they turn on the air conditioner. The 80s and a lot of humidity (which is extremely common where I live) is enough to make my room feel like an oven. And even after the air conditioner comes on, it can't keep up with the heat as much as it should.
- Warm weather fuels up tornadoes, golf ball sized hail, and hurricanes. Ice storms can be destructive too, but not quite as much as a massive tornado or hurricane.

Cold weather (I can understand disliking extreme cold... but extreme of anything is bad so I'm not thinking of that here... and to be honest I've never experienced extreme cold. It does not happen in Oklahoma.):
- Cold? Put on layers, or get under the covers. It is so much easier to deal with than the heat.
- Cold weather means no bugs! Yay!
- Cold weather means spending more time outside because the humidity is not so horrible, and it's not too hot. (plus no bugs. XD)
- Cold weather brings about beautiful forms of weather... Snow, sleet, and ice. A lot of people hate them.. but I can't hate them. Even after going through an ice storm that if it had got much worse could have destroyed our house due to the tree in the front being huge... and weak.
- Cold weather means being comfortable in the house, and getting to sleep under the covers. One of my favorite things. I love sleeping in a bed with covers!

So no, I can not understand the love for warm/hot weather. Perhaps I should be more specific that I'm talking about the people that live where I do that won't shut up during winter about how cold and horrible it is.

What do they want? Our winters never get that cold, and this last winter pretty much ended after January. Our winter feels much more like Spring should... Sure we had a few sleet storms, but it was freaking 80 degrees on my birthday. (December 26th)

People here act like winter is so horrible and cold, and are always wanting Spring to come. Once Spring comes it's hot, and they complain about that. Really I don't know why anybody would want Spring to come when the majority of the time our temperatures during the winters are 60 degrees plus.


Creeping On You
here, cold weather is -48 C. Going outside is not an option. On the other hand, hot is +35 C. So i don't like that either. I prefer spring and fall when it's only like 10 above, and its perfect. No sweating, and no shivering.

I don't understand how people can say that one movie is better than another. They're all the same to me.


Supreme System Lord
The difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union is simple....in the rugby league you have to kick the ball forward after every fifth tackle.

I don't understand why more people don't laugh at the term "The shits hit the fan"....it's bloody hilarious!!