Things to bring to college


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What are some suggestions you guys have for the stuff I should bring to college?

Anything you brought that you absolutely couldn't live without when you were there?


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Condoms....that is all.

But on a serious note, just bring things that you use pretty much on every day basis right now, also bring things that will keep you occupied(just assuming here) but you probably won't have much money to do a lot of things, so you got to keep yourself entertained somehow.

Hopefully this helps.

Start with the clothing and objects/ tools that you use at least once every two weeks. Then don't forget a nightstand or nail clippers.


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Are you going to be staying in a dorm? In an apartment? Will you have roommates?

Basically, if you were moving out, what would you want with you? Realize that you'll probably have limited space, and may not have 100% privacy. Also realize that your stuff may be a bit less safe from borrowing/damage/stealing than you'd like.


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It would depend on what your living arrangements are. I'm pretty much relocating my whole life for 4yrs to get my masters and PH.D abroad. It didn't make sense to not have a permanent residence for me, though I also have other plans.

I would say as others have. Bring what you use daily and cannot see yourself leaving behind. If you forget anything you can always have it shipped to you or get it next time you are home.


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one thing that's always handy to have is a nice pair of speakers! If you hope to throw a party or two at your place then people naturally gravitate to where the music's at! Better yet a guitar amp with the headphone jack --> guitar lead adapter!

Always a spare pair of sheets. Not because you can't trust yourself, but you never know who is gonna have to use your bed and whatever fluids they might leave behind them in their drunken stupor!


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Wow we don't have college in Italy (we pass from high school to university) but it sounds cool! I know it's a silly question but what's exactly the difference between college and university?