Things to avoid on the Internet


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For Wade, who has yet to see goatse and tubgirl and lemonparty (oh, my!)

This thread was prompted in part by a discussion of the heinous rickroll at, and in part by the fact that I've just seen the video at It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye - or, in this case, an asshole and my will to live. Don't watch it. Seriously. Don't.

Now, to the heart of the matter: in the name of public service and civic duty, what nasty urls would you advise people to avoid?
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It's called the asshole of the Internet for a reason.

Though we'll gladly welcome you if you do show up.

Also, you tell me to not go to two websites and expect me not to? I've probably seen worse. My gut will survive another low blow.

*EDIT* That doesn't work. As for the, I just laughed at the poor bastard for thinking that was a good idea in the first place.
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There was one called penis meets hatchet or something along those lines. I avoided that one needless to say....

I was accidentally introduced to the harlequin fetus though via youtube. Natural diseases and deformities are so much worse and more unfortunate than self-induced injuries and mutations.


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If you're squeamish, don't do a search on you tube for ''broken leg kickboxing''.
The first 2 videos will make you cry and have nightmares.
They don't even realise until it's too late, EEEEEK!!! :shocked:


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I would say that the one you want to avoid is Pain Olypmics... Worse than anything mentioned before. Although I don't know about Two Girls 1 Cup... Haven't seen that. But i have seen evrything else, and out of all that I know, it's the worst. It's probably the same hatchet meets penis video, actually.