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Things That Shouldn't Be "Cool"


Supreme System Lord
In life there are loads of situations that are considered "cool" by our society.

Most of which, when you think about it, are an absolute load of rubbish.

For example, lets look at tans. It's considered cool and trendy to sit under a big ball of burning fire and slowly let it discolour and burn your skin with the off chance of contracting cancer. How on earth did that ever become cool.

Also speeding is also looked upon as cool by youngsters. Why should having an increased velocity in a metal box with four wheels be looked at as cool.

And Bex here at GF is supposed to be cool but that's ludicrous, she's a dolt! ;)

These are just examples, lets hear some of yours.


yellow 4!
What are you talking about, I am obviously the epitome of cool. I even have this smiley to prove it :cool:
Tanning is a good one.. and then just the usual stuff like underage smoking and drinking, generally breaking rules, being moody towards your parents, etc. I can't think of any original ones lol.

Edit : oh yeah, I definately agree with everything Smel said. The music thing = :urp:
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Creeping On You
I can't understand how it's cool to treat your parents like crap. I mean, I can't boast about having the best of dads, but he's still my dad, and that sorta means he automatically should get some respect. Sure, maybe there is some parents out there who deserve little to no respect, but I'm talking about parents that try their best and just get walked all over. One day I was sitting on the bus, and this kid was telling a story about how his mom tried to deny him going to his friends place. So he threw a little tantrum, told his mom where to go and left the house. The other kid was like 'That's awesome. Fucking parents, I wish they'd keep their fucking noses out of our business' I've seen so many kids treat their parents as a bank account, personal restaurant and taxi cab, without so much as an ounce of appreciation.

I wanted to get up and walk over and smack the kid. If you made it to the age of 15 and still live with your parents, that means they spent at least 12 of those years feeding, clothing and providing for you. You owe them your life basically, since they chose to create you (unless you were an accident) and all. So show a little respect. Bah!

Sorry for my rant, it's a pet peeve of mine.

Also gangster rap music about drugs and shooting and stuff. Apparently it's cool but NO it's not. And horrible remakes of good music.


Ms. Malone
Driving around with the shitty music cranked up, or playing it in your own home but having the window open and up so loud the street can hear every word; neither are cool.

Mini Coopers. No matter how much you 'pimp' it out, it's still a Mini. In fact 'pimping' out 'rides' of any sort; if your shitty 16 valve/4litre Renault was supposed to be a sports car then it would have come out of the manufacturers looking like one.

4inch wide exhaust pipes, all noise and no action in my opinion and sounds more like a car backfire-and don't forget this is coming from a mechanic.


Registered Member
I personally blame the media. Media tells people what is "cool" then saturates you with it until you believe it.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I don't understand why someone would feel cool about being an asshole. And of course, they often surround themselves with other assholes who encourage and praise each other for being the arses that they are.

Other things that come to mind are smoking, getting drunk, having a lot of sexual partners, wearing the latest fashion, using big words, etc. While some of these are looked down by others already, I think they're still overrated by some people as having high cool points.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Street racing and/or souping up your car with huge exhaust pipes, spoilers, etc. Although I'm not so sure society actually thinks that's cool. Only losers.

Using your cell phone everywhere you go. Making or taking important calls is one thing. But you don't need to be talking to and texting your friends 24/7.

I'm going to get a lot of shit for this one, but I don't care. It's my opinion. Tattoos. Yeah, you can say you're expressing yourself or honoring a loved one or something. But why is permanently inking yourself the only way to do that?


Problematic Shitlord
Fucking everything that moves. Why is that considered so cool?

Texting. You're killing the english language, get you sum edukayshuns dummass.

People who join "causes" on Facebook or sign online petitions. You're accomplishing nothing, go outside and protest, do something people will notice.


Like the hoons in Australia the teens here boast who got the most speeding tickets, drunk driving violations, nights spent in jail etc. It's a phase rebels race through till someone gets hurt or worse dies.


The Hierophant
I think that almost anything that teenagers do could be chalked up to trying to be cool or look cool around your peers. Personally, I smoke, I tan, I have tattoos, piercings, listen to loud music in my car and my house and I talk on my cell phone when it rings. But I don't think that any of that makes me cool. If other people think that I think I'm cool because of it, that's them imposing their views and values onto my life. But I am an asshole, and that does, in fact, make me cool.