Things that make you say, "SHAFT!"


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Okay- I made this thread so we can all share stories of how we saw people taking the shaft or getting shafted ourselves- and no that's not some gay thing.

About a year ago, I was at a baseball game. There was this guy sitting in the same row as us and he was about 5 seats over. Anyway, he kept going for snacks and stuff. Well, in about the seventh or eighth inning, he comes back holding a huge 44oz cup of beer and a tray of nachos, covered in hot chili, cheese, salsa, jalapenos and all sorts of stuff. The very next pitch in the game, the batter foul tips it up really high. It looked like it was going to go over us, but it suddenly started coming down. Well anyway, the ball flew straight at the guy with all the food. He tried to move, but had too much crap in his way with all his snacks, so the ball hit him in the gut. This caused all his food to go flying everywhere, and then next thing I know, this guy is screaming like a cow in a hailstorm, because he's covered with beer and scalding-hot chili.

It was the funniest thing I've ever seen at a baseball game.


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That's pretty funny. I've been crapped on by a bird once, lol. Actually today, Hybrix and I pulled a sweet prank on some friends. We were racing home from a restaurant, and we got there second, but we got these people to leave the house, so then we came back first and "won."

Okay- after typing that it sounds stupid, but it was pretty funny. When they finally figured it out, they came back to my house and we were cranking out Queen's "We Are The Champions" from my truck's stereo.

BTW- the two people we "punkd" were JJcrazyboy and his girlfriend.


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Yeah, I had a bird take a big 'ole crap on my head after football practice once.....Nedless to say I had little energy to take care of it...but I did anyway. Always unpleasent. I think that thing ate a buffet before, it was like the size of an ostrich.......And sounds fun Piano, we should go punk peoples sometime, it would be fun. You too Hybrix. And anyone else that wants to go! Wheeeeeeeeee for punking everyone!:lol:


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Hahaha. Once my truck got shat on by birds at Taco Bell. I swear that the birds there must eat the thrown-away food, because my truck had poopy-blobs the size of silver dollars all over it.


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Well, in about the seventh or eighth inning, he comes back holding a huge 44oz cup of beer
I don't think any stadiums sell alcohol by the 7th inning.

I yell "shaft" only when singing the song.
Ok so Ames, IA is like smack dap it the middle of a crow migration pattern. So every year between November and February about 6 billion crows fly in and make themselves at home. They sit in the trees in flocks of a thousand and wait for unsuspecting victims. Last year I witnessed a group of people walk into a grove of trees around 11:00 at night. Little did they know the trees above them were covered in crows like needles on an evergreen. It was all good until one of the kids in the group clapped his hands for some reason.....then like rain from hell....thousands of crows left the trees above them all at once.

Now it your not familiar with crows, they tend to take a dump not just in any particular spot, but usually just as they leave their perch. So just as that little naive freshman clapped his hands, then crows applauded back with crow crap.
:lol: Hahaha, that's pretty darn funny... and creepy at the same time. For some reason Hitchcock comes to mind... I wonder why that is... ;)