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Things that make you feel old


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Staying up late for postseason baseball will make me so tired he next day even when I'm stone cold sober.

Let's hear some of yours.


Living in Ikoria
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Haha @Jeanie - me and Millz are in that bunch - 33 going on 34, and born in '82.

For me it's seeing kids age, just like anyone else. Especially my nieces, though. My oldest niece just turned 11 and it feels like she was a toddler a year ago. My youngest niece just turned 3 and is going to be a big sister. It's crazy.

My schedule makes me feel old. I tend to go to bed earlier now even on the weekends if I'm not doing anything with friends. I value the morning time lol.

I'd just also say that work makes me feel old the more and more experienced I get at it.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Bitch please.

Things that make me feel old - Biz saying he feels old.

People who were born in the 80s are in or approaching their 30s. That makes me feel old.
You'll always be one young, cool, hip lady in my eyes.

Was watching a behind the scenes show about Home Improvement(the sitcom) and it mentioned that the last episode was in 1999. That makes me also feel old.
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Being called "Mr." when I'm 35 but I barely look like I'm 18 if I don't have facial hair.


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The price of automobiles nowadays! The price of lumber nowadays! The price of a loaf of bread nowadays! (I'm 69 years young.)


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My oldest granddaughter became the first child in the family that can outrun me in tag - first I was not able to catch.

I would say my grandchildren but crawling around the floor playing with blocks, Legos, Barbies and Matchbox cars makes me feel young, not old.


I ♥ Haters
A few things actually....

- Hey Arnold came out 20 years
- I graduated from high school 10 years ago
- Home Alone is almost as old as I am now
- My younger brother who's 5 years younger than me, got married last year.
- People born in the 2000s are in high school now

Just to name a few