Things that make me happy........


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HAhahahaha you guys didn't really think I would start a new thread did ya....

Things that make me happy...

9pm, when kids are in bed and everything is finally done for the night....laying on the couch in my PJ's with my blankie watching Sex in the City Re-runs......Almond Rocha......Bubble baths.....the smell of a Hazelnut candle burning mmmm my fav......picnics with the whole family down by the river......awwww walking the rocks with my daughter along the river talking about anything and everything just me and her (needs to do that more often its been along time)......Almond Rocha.....Snuggeling with hubby right before I fall asleep.....making others happy.....being spontanious....road trips.....Casino night for sure (about once a year), holding my babies while they are sleeping..... Watching my Daughter in concert (she play Violin, SHE IS THE BEST).....My Durango!!!!....Almond Rocha......Playing Texas Hold'em with our Friends (they moved three hours away and we either go there or they come here once a month), dancing, fishing, boating.....many many more things.....

Notice.....nothing was said about dishes, laundry, DINNER, diapers, bathtime, vacuming, mopping, ok Cleaning of any kind.....but for some reason I go insane if they are not done...but i don't enjoy doing

ok who is next????



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driving cars and the check engine light doesnt come on
snuggling after the kids are bathed
coming home to a clean house
odd liquor bottles
waking up to coffee already made
realizing someone else replaced the toilet paper
taking walks with the kids and Mister Bunny
Playing cards with hubby
brown paper packages tied up with string... these are a few of my... (teehee)
finding bargains when I have money to actually purchase them
watching an auction end and a bidding war begin >=>
a route 44 root beer from Sonic
Visiting my parents and not having to drive

There's plenty more things that make me happy... these are just the first things that come to mind.


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doubles2004 said:
Sitting here chatting with all the fine people on AS

awwwwwwww, but if you don't tell us what makes you really happy, your are getting diapers....hahahahah
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doubles2004 said:
Ok .Living life makes me happy
Im just a happy person all the time.
But send the diapers i might use them on the longhorns :lol:

OMG hahahahahahah ok you will get things that make you even


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I'm sorry Bethany but I do believe that you've gone a little too far putting that kind of comment in a nice thread like this... Totally uncalled for. And no, I don't think I will go to that thread... grow up...flirting around and having fun is one thing. That was plain disgusting!


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bethany said:
You know what makes me REALLY happy??? Taking a big huge crap
Well then I will definitely send you the

Sooooo 1_ares_1 and momtobrenna what makes you happy...we need to know hints
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