Things That Frighten You?


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Are you easily scared by things like bumps in the night?

What really gets you in a frenzy of fear?

Are you not frightened of anything, is it possible not to be frightened of anything?

Personally I have an irrational fear of spiders and murky water.


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The thing that frightens me is hearing a sound from the middle of no where when its dark and your the only one home. When I'm in my room trying to sleep, my brother's door would creek open. That really scares me because I would think there is an intuder inside the house.
My biggest irrational fear/phobia is killer whales, which I'm absolutely terrified of. Other whales scare me too but its mostly them. I'm also very scared of telling people that incase they put a picture of one up... so I probably won't be coming back to this thread :D haha. No but it is really REALLY bad. It's the only thing to make me cry recently, like in the past few years.***

My other fears are normal ones like loosing family, getting a life-changing illness or disability, that kinda stuff. I don't mind spiders or the dark or anything. :-/

***Also, there is a killer whale on this forum, in the arcade. Its the icon for one of the games and I tell you now I will not be clicking it. :lol:


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Spiders and snakes - They both creep me out. I get freaked out walking outside at night when it's isolated...or parking garages, things like that.


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All bugs scare me. Ive become better with it over the years but it still makes a major impact on my life.

Another fear is of holding a baby. This sounds stupid and I agree it is, but I can't help it. I have never held a baby because Im scared of hurting it or not holding it right and it breaking its neck or something.


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I would have to say that the only thing I am afraid of is Horses. Don't know why but you can't get me within eye shot of a horse. I don't like them, not one bit.

I once had a cop on horse back come up behind me and when I saw the horses head come over my shoulder I lost it..Big Time. The cop thought I was tripping or on something and tried to arrest me until my wife explained the situation. Boy did that cop feel bad.

Other than horsed I fear nothing...
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Anything with a stinger scares me.. Ugh.. Don't like looking at pictures of them, seeing them outside, hearing them, it is bad. I have a fear of small boats like itty bitty little 2 seater boats. I used to have a fear of falling backward, I still don't like it, but I am over that. Oh and I have a fear of woods/forests. Even though I have a ton behind my house. I just don't like to be completely surrounded by them.

Weird noises at night don't scare me. The only time that has scared me was when my burglar alarm went off one night and my front door was wide open (which is weird because I always deadbolt it), so I wasn't sure if someone was in my house or if they ran off when I went to check out what happened. (I kinda always have this small thought in the back of my mind that someone is hiding around corners or in the dark places in rooms I walk by just waiting to attack me lol. But that is more of an imagination thing.


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The unknown.

Space, ghosts, shit like that. Stuff that's really hard to even comprehend is what scares me. Snakes? Pfft. Spiders? Lame.