Things that excite you?

Does anything in life really excite you?

Or is everything a bore?
What excites you Emo?

I get a little thrill each morning when I open my eyes. Knowing that a new day filled with adventure awaits is pretty exciting to me.
Spending time talking to my best friend also makes life more exciting.

Anyone who says everything is a bore has no idea how to make life fun, I'd feel sad for them.


Sally Twit
Each day excites me since I moved out of my parents house. I don't have to do something amazing in order to be excited.

When I wake up and know Syndicate is here I feel excited. It's a shame I won't get that feeling for a few days... :shake:


Registered Member
I still get excited by things,like meeting up with my brother for a days fishing,getting new things delivered,starting new projects,i have started to get excited about drawing again.
The last couple of weeks have been a pretty bad time for me,but im now starting to get excited by what my future may hold.
Risks and challenges excite me. Doing things that I know will give me rewards or experience. Learning excites me. Life in general, would be the.. central theme, I'm trying to push across here. I also find it exciting when I play with my lightsaber.