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Things that annoy you from co-workers


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What annoys you from co-workers. It could from current co-workers or some people that you’ve worked in the past with.

One of my biggest one is this: People who abuse sick leave.


I have a coworker that nobody likes, she shows up 4 hours early sits in the break room and takes over the TV and you can't be on your phone when your in the break room cause she has a fit and you can't talk loud when she is there cause she can't hear the TV. . . . . . .


Band Nerd ♫
Definitely the ones who call-in frequently, and if they call-in they always abuse it and always call-in three shifts in a row.

Yet if I call in once - even bringing in a doctor's note - I'll get called back to the office.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Oh geez I could write a book on this.

Lately, it's coworkers that won't stop talking. I don't mind that people chit chat, it's good for sanity at the office. But I have one coworker in particular who just never shuts up. Once she gets going, she's talking on this constant stream for the rest of the day. And she's loud -- which is doubly bad because I've got really good hearing.

I'm glad that my boss is cool and lets me listen to music when I'm not on the phone or in a meeting.


Pretty much everything. I hate all of my co-workers. Haha. One of them always has to one-up your story. If you have a cold, she has ebola. My boss is the laziest human being on earth and that comes from someone who is super lazy themselves. The newbie is a snitch. The young chick's voice may one day cause me to snap. Haha.