Things I realized while looking through the WHOLE Picture thread


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I spent about 40 or so minutes sifting through the whole picture thread here are some things I realized.

1) SenatorB takes the craziest pictures ever.

2) Alex and Henskie are picture whores.

3) Hinata's black

4) Kaz lost some weight (way to go bud).

5) Circle One just looks scary...

6) We had a lot of different members come and go

7) Corona has a fro

8) redsoxcod (sp) is a girl (i know Ive come to this realization like three times but I ALWAYS forget)

9) Andrew Bishop has the "looking awkward in pictures" image down to a science.
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lmao @ #9

SenatorB reminds me of Ginger Baker (if you don't know who that is google him for god's sake)

you forgot to add: still no pictures of himie! :cry: