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Movies Things I never noticed in old shows


Meaning that I never ever noticed the following things until recently.

Power Rangers:

-Ever since the original Power Rangers I noticed how when they fight in their Zords no one else anywhere seems to notice two giant robots wreaking havoc in the middle of a city.
-For some reason even if the city is wrecked it magically pops back up the next episode.
-On top of that no one in the cities ever dies.
-The pink ranger was the only one with a skirt on the suit, despite how the yellow ranger was female too.
-No one ever made the connection between the five kids wearing the colors that correspond with the ranger suits. Ever.
-Did the bad guys never think to send a very big army of Putties or whatever to beat the power rangers, like hundreds at once.
-The city they were in had to be on the west coast b/c there was an episode where one zord came from a volcano.
-There never was a purple ranger at all.
-How exactly did they get the zords to disassemble and then disappear?
-And as big as those zords are, they'd have to jump at least 100 feet up vertically.
-When they fought as just rangers was there some reason they hardly ever used their own swords or whatever?

Hey Arnold:
-They never did say what city that was representing.
-In the very first episode (the one where they were "downtown as fruits," I finally figured out why the guy in a cab threw money at Arnold and Gerald: he thought they were criminals.
-Helga's shrine to Arnold changed every episode they showed it.
-Helga says the word "crap" a lot too.

That's all I got for now.


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Mines is along the same lines as the putties. If Rita had so many monsters tucked away then why on earth didn't she deploy like 20 at once? The Rangers always had their hands full with one so imagine trying to battle 20 giant monstrosities.

Then again...suppose that would've ruined the very idea behind the show...


I Love Lucy
- Every episode Lucy always found herself in trouble. It could've easily been solved by asking questions, but instead she always insisted on hiding it. After about 50 episodes it was clear she never learned her lesson.

Family Guy
- Stewie could only be understand by Bryan/Brian in some episodes, but others it's clear anybody can understand him. :\

American Gladiators
- Everybody in the world knows some of these guys take steroids, but NBC declines it. How stupid do they think we are...?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Stewie could only be understand by Bryan/Brian in some episodes, but others it's clear anybody can understand him.
If you paid attention you'd see that the family is reacting to his emotion. At least, that's what I remember.