Thief sent 'sorry' letter to shop

Discussion in 'Offbeat News' started by DinoFlintstone, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. DinoFlintstone

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    It's not the first time I heard such a story. I remember locally, their was German Tourist, he was stranded here with no money, food etc for whatever reason, I don't know, but he broke into a shop, stole some food and supplies, and left a note for the Shop-Keeper to explain his how and why he did it.
    It went to Court [the Shop Keeper had to report it for insurance, and the Police had a duty to prosecute], the Courts heard that the Shop Keeper was symathetic to the mans plea. 'I think' if I remember right, he got off with Community Service and was 'sent' home.

  2. Bananas

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    Its nice when people make amends.

    There was a scam similar to this in the 80s:
    A person would have their car stolen from outside the house. A few days later the car would reappear with a note saying "Sorry I stole your car, I desperatly needed to get to the hospital with my pregnant wife. I apologize please accept these concert tickets and £50 spending money".

    The night of the concert the house gets burgarled!:shake:
  3. DinoFlintstone

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    That's quite a scam.
    It reminds of the one when a lady calls at someones door, asks to use the phone because her car broke-down, and she needs to be somewhere in a hurry, or was meant to be there. She phones the person from the house, it's usually her husband or boss, she has a real conversation on the phone for about 5 minutes, thanks the host, and she leaves.

    Later, the host gets his or her phone-bill, 'her call' cost £50 [$100 U.S] per minute. The scam being that she had her own private premium rate phone-number with her own charges. It was a friend that told me about the scam, the Police were doing door-to-door calls warning people that such schemers were operating in the area.
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    I think it is kinda neat that this happened. I am not sure if I feel that the crime wasn't as bad because someone had already broken in to the place lol.

    The scams everyone is talking about reminds me of the scams going on around my old town where people were breaking into the family's house when a loved one passed away while they were at the funeral or the wake... That too me is the worst thing ever.
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    The story in the OP sounds like a My Name is Earl episode :p
  6. Vidic15

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    I don't think that the store owner cares much about the money as it happened ages ago, but the good thing out of this story comes out that the robber is actually pretty generous and very nice to make a amend like this and the store owner reacted well to this, donating the money to the charity.

    I've got to say that you don't see this everyday.

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