They're taking our jobs!!!


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Japanese monkey waiters - Telegraph

Then you may want to try hiring the same workers as used by the owners of the Japanese tavern Kayabukiya.

The local hangout just north of Tokyo employs a pair of Japanese monkeys called Yat-chan and Fuku-chan to serve their customers.

The younger of the two, Fuku-chan, usually begins the first shift and is quick to hand out customers a hot towel to help them clean their hands before they order their first drinks.
Fuku-chan, who is four, has only two years experience under his furry belt and his work load is limited to hot towels.
Both monkeys are well appreciated by customers who tip them with boiled soya-beans to enjoy during their down time.

Between the monkeys and the robots, we will all be out of work soon:(


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damn these monkeys, they come into our country... and they take our jobs away! You don't belong in a Japanese restaurant, go back to the jungles of Africa where you belong you little monkey!

:lol:... Monkey v

see the difference?.. don't infract me on this im saying the truth.. last time i checked monkeys belonged in the zoo.
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Damn you Icegoat and your efficient ways, ahh well ....following in the footsteps of great men 'n all that.

Im surprised I missed any stories concerning Monkeys.:(