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They Lived Before Me


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I was born in 1971 and history within my family was limited for me to learn from just my Grandpa and my Mom..
Well of course they only knew so much to be able to tell me about..

Do you think that there was any history between the eras of the 1920's to the 1970's that kids in school should have been taught but were not?
Do you know anything that was important that was taught in school and maybe should be taught in a way that wasn't?

Examples ..Prohibition, World War 2, Vietnam..do you think we learned enough about all these?

Ok any personal level ideas that we can know about also? Such as fads, or the way they dressed, the way that acted etc,
Make sure to mention what era you are talking about. Remember it can be anything in history before the 1970's.

Ok let's see what I can learn from people born before me.


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I was born in 1960. I did spend 3 years, 9-12 in England going to school. Real school. Wow. My US schools taught me next to nothing of the US history - I remember weeks on the AFLCIO and Samuel Gompers and nothing about WW II or later. Most of the history was pre-1900.

By comparison, English schools were really, really, really hard. Passing grade was 50%. If you scored 75% you were a genius. If you scored 100% they beat you because you cheated. They would ask 11 year olds college level questions. This is good. Being taught to take tests is meaningless. Being taught to think, being asked a question you can't possibly know makes you think. I had chemistry, physics, and ancient world history - things I got late in high school, if at all, in the USA.

When I started school, companies sent advertisements to schools and they ran them as if they were school work. General Electric presents "ELECTRICITY" which would be a 15 minute commercial with some facts about electricity, like don't climb high tension towers and power lines can kill.

We still had Duck and Cover movies about what to do when the a-bombs fall (probably more my older brothers and sisters but I swear I remember them.)

They didn't teach us much modern history. I may have missed a bunch, being out of country.


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Well of course i don't know anything before 71.. Well I could if I was Michael J Fox if I was in Back to the Future. I was born in Oakland but lived in Hayward California. On the weekends my Grampa would pick me up and we would watch wrestling and roller derby. Grampa would take me to some eating places like Taco Bell with the original bell. The original Jack in the Box with the clown. Gay 90's pizza when gay meant happy. Straw Hats pizza with video games and projector films beore Chuck E Cheese came out. And also for dessert was Farrell Ice Cream also Swenson ice in Newark Ca.

As far as school goes they did get to WW2 although we didn't have tests about it. I also read about the UN after WW2. But anything beyond WW2 they didn't teach. I think that's why I'm asking members here because they didn't teach these things after that. Don't forget to talk about fads, movies, cars and lifestyles etc about these eras also.