These posters speak the truth...

These two posters speak the truth:


Especially about the Batista one.
Haha - that image should be saved for The Great Khali. Speaking of him, and Pokemon that reminds me of this joke:

The Great Khali gained a level.
The Great Khali is trying to learn a new move, but can't learn more than 4 moves at one time. Please delete one:

- Brain Chop / - Punch
- No Sell / - Khali Bomb

Something like that. =P


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That Batista poster is so fucking hilarious. The Cena one? Not as funny ;)
These aren't of the motivational variety but still funny...

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The Ultimate Warrior and Hogan one is hilarious, but the best one as to be the Virgil one, I've seen it before and I laughed so much when I first saw it. It's so funny that no one is around him, just priceless.