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There goes the neighborhood


New Member
What's up Peeps.

Glad to be here, I joined after getting an invite on twitter, thought I'd check it out. good place to kill some time while I should be working.. anyways, You can see me on twitter as well @TORHABSFAN that means a Habs fan with the missfortune of living in Toronto. It does not mean I am a Leaf fan as well, In fact I hate the Leafs with a passion... the only thing I hate as much as the Leafs is the Bruins.

I bleed Bleu, Blanc et Rouge die hard Habs fan and I'm not affraid to annoy Leafs and Bruins fans with a OLE OLE OLE or a 24Cups. Very opinionate love to argue, I can be a pest. I also love my 49ers and am a Big Fantasy Football player.

Used to love the Jays now I can't watch them mainly because they wasted too much of my money with false promises of good seasons only to be out in May every freaking year. Ted Rogers can rot in Hell and I want to take a dump on that statue outside the SKYDOME yeah that's right the SKYDOME!!

whatelse? Basketball is boaring garbage I'd rather bash my heard in with a brick then watch that crap. I'm probably drunk right now I've had a lot of Molson Exports goes great with my Poutine. Oh and I can't spell, I don't care and yes I know there is a spell check but screw that you know what I meant. Please If I am winning an arguement and you got nothing please don't turn to the grammar police as a way to "win" a discussion

So that's it... I appologize in advance.



The return shall be legenday!
Hahaha! You seem like a beauty lol. Molson Export eh?!? I'd prefer the extra .5% in the Molson Dry, and you better have smoke in your poutine...which I ate to much in my lifetime. Looking forward talking about sports with you real soon and I'm hoping you can become a regular contributor, as we do need more opinions around here. Enjoy your stay and I'll see ya around.


New Member
Everyhing about this newbie screams awesome (except not liking my Leafs) but hey no one is perfect. Solid intro and I know, as with myself beauty posts often are the result of wasting time at work.

Welcome aboard buddy!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome man. You seem like quite the character. You love beer and you're a die hard habs fan so you're okay in my book.



rainbow 11!
hey man, welcome! i think you'll fit right in here.