There are currently...


In need of Entertainment
58 users online and no one has done more than post 4 replies in the last hour.

Wake up people! You are on a forum! Get the posting going!


In need of Entertainment
Oh blah. I didn't think of that.
I've just gone through half the forum with nothing else to add right now, and even without adding anything myself, reading others' posts is just as good for now.

Can you tell I'm bored? LOL


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I was that bored the other day. I think I've replied to all the threads I could find that I can relate with.


In need of Entertainment
We need to find other ways of entertainment..
Maybe outside of GF?
*Gasps* I cannot believe I even thought of that! Blasphemy!
Yikes.. I hope I won't get banned.


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Hmm ususally when theres nothing to post on or either nobody in chat or a conversation I can't really relate to I play games ont he computer then come back like 1-2 hours later. Usually there is something worth replying to then, like this! =D
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