There are a lot of Under the Microscope whores


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Seriously you are only supposed to be posting in 2 threads. Mine and Jeanie's so quit it.
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Seiously, the whole idea has been over-used now that it has lost it's complete purpose with me-.-

But I thought that you two already had threads though....?


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Eeep!*cringes from the outburst*

I've been lurking mostly, just not posting Mal >.>; Didn't sign in so you could track meh down so all have no idea how much I've been on^^;

Just getting down some last computer troubles and I shall be done. Right now what I am doing is trying to get this comp to recognize my iPod so I can do CS3 which I downloaded on my iPod just to be safe, and so it won't delete and go bye-bye again like my CS2 ;_;


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be that as it may andrew he still speaks the truth.