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Therapists Can Teach You How To Identify If You're Getting Sick


Registered Member
Many people who suffer from mental illness are good at identifying when they're starting to get depressed before it gets out of hand.

But I know some individuals who, when they start to become depressed, are so oblivious to the fact that they're getting sick.

One good thing about psychotherapy is that the therapist can teach you how to identify if you're starting to go downhill emotionally and get help before it gets a lot worse.

It's impossible to always know if you are starting to feel depressed. However, knowing you're starting to feel bad as quickly as you can really make a difference.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think some people are better at identifying when they are going to have an episode than others because they are just in more touch with themselves. I think that could be taught to most. I have a feeling some are depressed all the time so when they start to get worse they have a hard time identifying it.