Theme music!


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Best opening theme has always been a tough competition between Battletoads and Double Dragon and Chrono Trigger, but you can't compare them because they're extraordinarily different. More different than apples and oranges. Yet equally awesome.

And Goldeneye and Perfect Dark end credits will always rule as king and queen of the awesome end credit list.


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I would have to say the entire KI Soundtrack (Killer Kuts)...It's to hard to pick just one off this that is the best one..

As a my next choice I would chose the sound track for Roadkill for the GC ..How can you go wrong with Don't fear the reaper by Blue Oyster Cult and classic rock favorites playing in the back ground?
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I'm going with GoldenEye and Perfect Dark as well. Such good memories. :)


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I never really got into Goldeneye all that much but a lot of Perfect Dark (beat the game on agent and special agent and got about half way through perfect agent)

Perfect Dark for sure had my favorite music, though Metroid Prime had great music, and so did Donkey Kong 64.