Theatrical music


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I love many songs from broadway/west end productions. I also like songs from Operas. When I listen to the songs there's a clearer understanding on what they're going through as they sing because you have a background story to go with it.


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I like it because their is a rawness about much of the sound. It feels like you are connecting with the persons thoughts. I haven't been to the Theatre in years, but I'd love to go. Once upon I time, I even took part in amature dramatics, but that was in a different world.


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I like listening to music from plays too, even if I haven't seen the musical, just heard the songs from other places. I have always loved Memory from Cats for exampel, but when I saw the play I was very disappointed. It was so boring. Still like the song though.
But I usually love musicals, they always makes me want to sing too.