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The Zombie Survival Guide


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By Max Brooks.

It's a weird piece of work.
There are endorsements on the cover, that suggest people consider the possibility of the zombie being true and the survival techniques within being things we should truly take heed of.
However, I find the read a little incredulous. Especially when it comes to the point of 'case studies' and the fact that the writer constantly refers to 'numerous examples of this working/not working have been recorded in the past' - It seems ridiculous to be frank, and although the appeal of such a book is undeniable to anyone that is some sort of zombie-fanboy/girl... The overall impact, or at least, the believability is lost in how daft it is.

Nonetheless, I do like it. It seems like a worthless guide, yet the style in which it's written really hits home. ---

I even toyed with the idea of creating something similar to it. Not because I can copy it and it would be easy - far from it - but because this type of book looks like a squeal to write. The idea came after marathoning my Friday the 13th boxset, I felt inclined to write some sort of 'psycho-killer survival guide' - Basically outlining how not to get bumped off by some 'Jason' maniac figure. I don't know if I'll bother finishing that, but after a little way into it, the creativity and speculation into chronicling the survival techniques of such ludicrous 'whatif' situations did strike me as rather fun.

I think for people to appreciate this sort of work, which is ultimately a load of ridiculous shit, is that it may only be read by those who are not pent up and serious. I like the tongue-in-cheek attitude of it all, and it seems that a cynical mind might only be the sort to actually appreciate it.

Anyway. That's the meat, backing-up the questions I ask now.

1) Have you read Max Brooks' book?
2) Did you like it?
3) Do you find it believable? Have you actually gone and tooled yourself up?
4) Would you read similar literature, such as the 'psycho-killer' guide I am considering completing? Does the zombie guide only hold weight because it is referring to zombies, or because it is so 'out-there', or simply because people are always curious to know how not to die?

Answer. Contribute. Discuss. As openly as you care to.


I bought it the day it came out.

Yes, I enjoyed it. I was definitely entertained throughout.

Hopefully no one is stupid enough to take it as a dead serious guide to surviving zombies, but I think there is definitely usable information in there. But I have yet to "tool" myself up. I have a few years before the dead walk the earth. Ha.

Honestly, I'm really only interested in it because it deals with zombies. I've seen a few lesser known guides written about other fictional stuff and I didn't really give it a second look.
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