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The [youx] Official Thread: Come Bask in the Glory!


Formerly "Maikeru"
I falled for the first one
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Son of Liberty
2.) Stop gaying up my thread

says the guy who's avatar has a giant green noodle in it.

but then again... that giant green noodle makes me want to make my own noodle chair

this chair screams "I win" in a time plagued with recession :hah:


Boom Boom Pow!
So I have my own thread now? Bout damn time.

Seeing as this is my thread, I offer some decrees.

1.) More talking about me.

2.) Stop gaying up my thread with Rick Rolling.

Isnt that Vince Valentine guy just great. A breath of fresh air! :lol:

Everyone who posted

in this thread.............

Sucks ass :p
Fuck you

Why, you didn't fall for any of them. Did you like my realistic link? The only not rick roll one?


It also sucked.


Creeping On You
Don't make me finish it!