The year is almost over. Rate your 2008/10

9/10 for me. It was a pretty grand year with minor difficulties. I didn't give a 10/10 because my cat passed away, my sister gives me those "minor" difficulties and my body is getting old. Arg! :chris:


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there are still two whole months left. that does not constitute "almost over"

ask this question again on december 15. at the earliest.


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I would go with 4/10 not been my best year,what with my relationship ending and other problems that i wont go into detail about,hoping next year is going to be better!


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It's a difficult year to rate for me. I guess this has been a year of acceptance, and in a way, I am like the stem of a plant, growing in the ground after the ground has been devastated by fire [almost like the Phoenix, but more realistic] and with time, other things will grow and all will be as new, maybe in 2009, maybe later, but their is hope.

I guess it could be an 8.9/10
So far it's been one of the best years I can remember. But I'm not ready to rate it yet. Like Jeanie said, ask again in December.


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So far I'm going to give this year 8/10 because things have been going good for me. Moving in with Synd after so many years has made this year the best ever.


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We could give a year a mark out of 12! One point for each good month.

If that was the case I would give it a... 12! So 10/10 for me, it's been a great year.