The Yankees; Epic Dynasty or Fraud?

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Millz, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Millz

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    I have been watching the best sport in the world, baseball, since 1991. The first memories I have of a World Series are from the 1991 series between the Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins. I remember Kirby Puckett's catch, I remember Kent Hrbek throwing Ron Gant off first base, I remember Danny Gladden's game winning hit, I remember John Smoltz and Jack Morris in Game 7...I remember a lot. They are all good memories. I had no rooting interest. I had no idea of the finances involved. I had no earthly idea where those players came from or how those teams acquired them. All I knew was that I enjoyed every minute that I watched those two teams play.

    It's just not the same anymore. Everyone likes to have someone to root against, a villian, an enemy. The great sport of baseball has a team like that. They play in the Bronx section of New York, New York and they are called the Yankees.

    Why do people hate the Yankees? What are their reasons?
    Is it because they play in a big city?
    Is it because of their fans?
    Is it the Yankees greed?
    Their money?
    It might be all of those things.

    I'm not gonna lie, I rooted for the Yankees in the 1996 World Series...I wanted them to beat the Braves. I had been an Atlanta fan up to that point because of the 1991 Series...and I'm still a semi-fan today. The Braves had just finished beating the Cardinals in the NLCS by coming back from a 3-1 deficit...I was bitter, I can admit it. I also respected Joe Torre from his days here. Ever since then, however, I've wished them nothing but ill-will.

    The Yankees are despised because they and their fans are a bunch of blind, arrogant fools who are so wrapped up in their self-conceived views of greatness that they fail to realize their team is destroying the fabric of all that is pure in baseball. The real astounding part in all of this, is that you can tell a Yankee fan this, but they'll still think you only hate the Yankees because they win. Look, I don't care if you've won 27 championships. I'd bet good money that any Yankee fan reading this at the moment is thinking to himself, "he's just jealous." And that, my poor, delusional, bandwagon-hopping, friend is exactly the problem with you and your team.

    Let's face it, the Yankees have been like this for a long damn time. It started with Ruth. They just have more money then everyone else. I find it amazing how many people feel the same way about this team that I do. None of my friends or family members like the Yankees and the only people who do from outside of New York are bandwagoners...plain and simple.

    There's nothing I can do to stop them. They'll always get the best players. Not because their organization is smart. Not because they have good people running the ship. Not because they are the class of baseball. Not because players want to go and play their. It's because they open up the check book for people. I dont want to hear about how they have so much home grown talent...there is some there.

    Jeter, Rivera, Cano, Chamberlain, Hughes, Posada, Melky Cabrera.

    Look at the people that weren't in their system...

    Sabathia, Burnett, A-Roid, Damon, Swisher, Teixeira, Matsui.

    Oh, its about the same, right? Except they are paying those guys more then anybody else can afford. Couple that with the so called "farm guys," and how much money THEY are receiving? Its ridiculous. The Yankees' payroll was an astounding $201,449,189 this season. Second place is another New York team, the Mets, at $149,373,987. So what's the solution? I dont have the answer to that. Is it a salary cap? More revenue sharing? Contracting the Yankees? No clue.

    Here's what I know and I'll be done ranting. I know that I hate the Yankees and if you don't, well, you suck. I live in a city where we support our baseball team no matter what and stick with them. This game shouldn't be about money, it should be about quality people and an even playing field. It's been a while since I've had to bitch about this ballclub and quite frankly, this makes me feel better. Although watching those assholes celebrate another tainted championship makes me want to puke.

    You're a fraud New York.

    Go fuck yourselves.

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  2. Merc

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    It is the money but the money is not the Yankees' fault. The MLB has let this happen. I hate the "They bought their talent" excuse because most MLB teams do these days.

    Also, as a Patriots fan I can say that people hate the Yankees because they win so often and that makes people bitter. It's another reason why people hate the Patriots.

    I do agree that people hate the Yankees for their fans. Being a fan of another consistent playoff contender, the Sox, I know a bandwagoner when I see one and I hate every single one of them. They walk onto the scene when the team is winning and act like they've been watching all season. I know they want to be included and that's fine, but don't pretend you've been here all along. I feel safe in assuming that almost 60% of Yankee fans are bandwagon fans. You heard nothing from them earlier in the year when they were second place to the Sox, you hear nothing from them when they're losing. Yet, whenever the Sox have been last in their division or completely out of it, you still hear people talking about the Sox. It's because the fans are actually in it for the game, not just so they can brag to their anti-Yankee friends.

    Those kinds of people probably could not tell you why 61 is an important number in Yankee history. Or 3. Hell, they probably couldn't tell you who Lou Gehrig was.

    The Yankees I believe would have been the biggest failure of a team if they didn't win this world series. Why? Because of all the money they spent. They spent 400 million on three players this past off-season (Burnett, Sabbathia, Teixera) so not making the world series victory would have been embarrassing.

    All in all, I've never truly hated the Yankees, more their obnoxious fanbase and their ridiculous on and off again relationship with their team. The money thing does bother me, even with the Sox. The game is becoming more and more about contracts and big players and it's not something we can just blame the Yanks for.
  3. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    I do agree with you about the team itself. If you've got the money you might as well spend it. Nobody is stopping them from doing it. I probably would do the same thing as them. It's still not fair though.

    I changed my pic on facebook to this...

  4. Babe_Ruth

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    Oh Millz, this makes me laugh. First off your entitled to your own opinion so I'll respect it but I don't agree with it. First off Baseball doesn't have a salary cap, so it's not their fault that they have tons of money to spend on their players. If you have the money buy god you should use it. But just because you buy your players doesn't mean that you'll win automatically. The Yankees have been buying their players for the last decade or so and they haven't won in quite some time, so buying players doesn;t mean you'll have success all the time. You have to build chemistry, you have to gel and you have to play well together.

    Now on to the Babe Ruth comment that you said, I don't know if you know the whole story but it's the owner of the Red Sox that wanted to sell Babe Ruth, he was in need of money because he was making a production. He knew that Ruth was a hot commodity so he sold them to the Yankees so he can get that money to finish his production. I wouldn't blame the Yankees for that one. Also back in the 80's the Yankees stunk it up for the most part, and it's not like they didn't have the money back then either. Trust me as a Blue Jays fan I know what it's like for the Yankees and Red Sox to buy their players, but the Jays finally got some money and they didn't spend it on good enough players to make it into the playoffs. It's all good and dandy to have the money but if you don't spend it on the right players, you won't always have team success.
  5. CaptainObvious

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    I agree Millz, I hate how the Yankee fans only supportb their team when they're winning.

    I hate the fact that the Yankees buy their team, that doesn't impress me. I respect the Patriots so much more because they've dealt with the same monetary restrictions everyone else has yet they find a way to at the very least be a Super Bowl contender every single year.
  6. icegoat63

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    I'll take your disdain for the Yankees and raise you my hate for all New York Teams. I hate the Yankees, the Rangers, the Mets, the Islanders... All of 'em. I almost have more passion in hating the New York teams than I do passion for the love of my favorite teams.

    And I agree, its largely the fans that make it such an outcrop of bleh. I've heard personally the same thing you said, Yankees fans will just do the "you're just jealous" card... but no thats not true to the slightest. In my beloved sport, the Montreal Canadians, Edmonton Oilers, and Detroit Red Wings have all amassed more championships on their own than the Rangers have... and I still hate the Rags.

    People hate to hear it but its true. I live in the middle of no where when it comes to Professional Sports. We dont have any teams here other than Minor Leagues, The hilarious phenomenon that I see is all of the vehicles painted in my town screaming "Go Yankees" as the World Series is playing... or "Go Steelers" right before and after the Superbowl or "Go Red Wings" during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Then next year it'll be completely different with which ever new teams are in the finals.

    So I completely agree... the only true fans are the ones that are residents, possibly ones that have moved elsewhere. But even myself, I claim to be a Blue Jackets fan... have been since 2001, unfortunately I think I even still fall under the category of a Bandwagoner. Theres more of a problem with places like where I live than rather a place that has the Pro Teams... we dont know what its like to truly be attached to a team, to have that kind of pure and raw fandom.

    We've got Fresno State, thats about the best we've got and trust me 'round these parts, we all bleed Red & White for the Bulldogs, but that kind of bond just doesnt exist with the Pro Sports. So I agree... unless you're a resident... you're a bandwagon Fan.
  7. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    Right but they make the playoffs each and every season outside of last year. They went to the World Series in 96, 98, 99, 00, 01, 03 and 09. Who else can claim that? Nobody. Thank God lately teams have been beating them and there's been more parody. Finally the Yanks had enough and dumped 400 million bucks on THREE Guys. Who else can do that? Nobody.

    I am not going to give them a pass because THIS year they spent the money better. I don't really care if they spent smarter they still did it. Regardless of what others think they still just went after the top 3 free agents and they paid off this time. Not rocket science.

    Nobody else could have bought Babe Ruth back then either...the Yankees were the only ones who could take him on and give them the huge (for those times) contract extension he was wanting from Boston.

    Good point about the Pats. I dont like them becausae they beat the Rams...not because they've been good this entire decade. Coaching and adding the right pieces are the main reason they won all those years.

    You admit to being a bandwagon fan though...that's the difference. You have the sense to know it. Those people do not know.
  8. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    The Braves won how many divisions in a row, I never seen you write a haters blog about them winning all the time. The Red Sox bought so many players as well, Dice K cost over 100 million dollars, I don't see writing a blog about them. It shows that you have hatred towards the Yankees more than just them spending tons of money.

    Also I'm not a bandwagon fan so don't assume that I am one because I wanted the Yankees to win the World Series.

    Back to Babe Ruth, the A's had finance problems back then and they were the second richest team in Baseball, Connie Mack couldn't afford to buy Babe Ruth, obviously the owner of the Red Sox is going to sell him to the highest bidder, like I said he needed the money to finish his production, that's all he cared about. If he didn't then Ruth would of probably been a Red Sox for the rest of his career. You can't blame the Yankees on this one either.
  9. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Son of Liberty V.I.P.

    Right. I'm not a Pats fan. As much as I hate the Giants I rooted for them in the Super Bowl. But had the Pats won I can respect what they've accomplished. I can't do the same for the Yankees.
  10. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    You cannot compare the Braves to the Yankees...they are completely polar opposites of each other. The Braves barely ever break the 100 million dollar mark in payroll. They dont go out and sign everybody they can. They won because of consistency, good pitching and awesome coaching. Its not even close to being the same.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate the Red Sox too. They do the same shit as the Yankees do. But they don't even compare to the scale at which the Yanks spend...its not even close. Nobody is close. Nobody is comparable. I'm asking for an even playing field...then I'll be impressed when they win a championship. They won this year, big flippin' deal. They'd better win since they have all the best players.

    You're right, it IS more then them spending all that I stated in the OP. The fans are clueless monkeys. The friggin owner is as big of a piece of shit as his stupid Dad was.

    I'll never forget I was at Busch Stadium to watch a Cardinals game in 2002. I was sitting next to a Yankee fan who was stationed in St Louis for the military. He wouldnt shut up the entire game. He even asked me who Albert Pujols was. I told him, uh, he was the one who won the Rookie of the Year last year. His response? "Really? Never heard of him...I'm proud of him though."

    Nuff said. (I love using that example...that sort of stuipdity makes me smile)

    I think it was Kratz in the playoffs thread who said rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in Vegas. That is well said.

    It's also like rooting for terrorism to run supreme. Okay, maybe not THAT bad, :lol:

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