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Movie #1 that I saw yesterday.

As my father has always said, the pro wrestling business is an extention of a rock n roll lifestyle, only crashing and burning can happen alot faster and in a much nastier fashion. The movie does a very good job showing just that. In Rourkes Randy "The Ram" Robinson we get a mix of Hulk Hogan, Jake The Snake and to an extent Chris Beniot. Here's the guy who was the big name superstar in the 1980's, but at some point everything crashed and burned so some twenty years later he finds himself working the indy circuit (ROH and I thought Jersey All Pro were shown in the movie) and high school gyms just to make a buck to both survive and feed his drug need. Along the way he's trying to have a relationship with a stripper (Marissa Tomei), patch things up with his estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Wood), and find another way to make cash by pleading with his boss at the supermarket for more hours, but none of it comes easy so he has to go back to plan A. And the problem there is that all the in ring wear and tear and the drugs are finally catching up, to the point where a doctor is telling him that he can't wrestle again because his heart may give out.

All in all Mickey does a great job as the Ram, I'm not sure if it's oscar worthy but he makes you feel his struggle through life. There are some scenes where if you know the wrestling industry you won't be too surprised but for the marks there'll probably be a huge shock factor. They also try to stay as true to the business as they can, you see wrestlers going over the routine in the back and calling spots in the ring. Most importantly though (without ruining it) the ending stays with you.


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You know it's funny because for a movie that's gotten so many good reviews, there really has been little to no promotion of the movie itself. I think I first heard about it on one of the indy wrestling sites I go to (most likely pro wrestling syndicate because a few of their guys are in the movie), but I've yet to see a single commercial for it on TV.


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i saw it yesterday aswell, absolutely fantastic film. The Oscar rumours surrounding Rourke's performance are justified.

One of the best films i've seen recently and you definitely don't need an interest in wrestling to enjoy it.


Any way to recomment this movie to a non-wrestling fan? I really want to see this but my girlfriend is put off by the wrestling aspect.


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Any way to recomment this movie to a non-wrestling fan? I really want to see this but my girlfriend is put off by the wrestling aspect.
Don't know if this will help but - My sister hates wrestling yet she said she really wants to see this movie as she thinks it makes for a powerful and moving story.

I don't know if she got to see it yet but she was right.


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I have heard great things about it, supposely Rourke does an amazing acting performance. I will defenitely see this movie, I have a strong feeling that I'm going to enjoy it as well.

I think he'll win the Best Actor at the Academy's for his role.


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For Cait and anyone else who had no idea about the movie:
YouTube - The Wrestler - Official Trailer
And this is with regards to what the movie is trying to talk about, how quickly you can crash and burn in the wrestling business: Paul E. Normous, one of the indy wrestlers who is in this movie and who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate show last March, was found dead at his parents home yesterday morning at the age of 33.

If there's anything I hate about the pro wrestling industry today it's that way too many of these guys are dropping dead at way too young of an age.
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I was going to make a thread for this movie, but then I saw we already had one.

I'm not a wrestling fan at all, but I really want to see it. All of Darren Aronofsky's movies are amazing (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) and never get the respect they deserve since they're not mainstream and cookie-cutter enough.