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The worst time period of your life


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For me it has to be between 2003 and 2005.

We only recently moved to Australia from Serbia and shortly after that, my Grandpa passed away and that was really hard for me to cope with as we were always close, the whole family was close and he meant a lot to me, I don't think I have ever met a man that is as good as he was. A few months later, my aunty was diagnosed with cancer and her battle with it did not last long and she passed away a month or two later. I was just recovering from my Grandpa's death and this news hit me even harder because she was always with my mother, they were best friends and I was always around her and she was an amazing lady, words cannot describe how caring and nice she was and I loved her to death.

In 2008, I went back to Serbia for the first time since 2002 and earlier that year, my uncle remarried and had a child with the other woman. She wasn't the type that would always be at home, she ran away and left the child there but he brought her back. It was emotionally hard for me to have her, a stranger around the house and live in a house that my aunty put a lot of effort into building. They were the worst two months of my life, the woman tried bonding with me but I couldn't do it, I just could not put myself out there to make friends with her, as selfish as it sounds.


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Wow, Aleks, you've really had a rough patch there for sure. Are your uncle and his new lady still together?

As for me, the worst time period of my life was definitely my high school years. I was the guy that everyone ignored and/or avoided, and I spent every lunch period hiding in a book in the school library. This was when my problems with depression first started too, being a particularly bad patch because of my constant suicidal thoughts.

I still battle depression, but at least now I can cope with it... not like back then.


Awww you guys! *virtual hugs around*

This looks like it's going to be the most depressing thread ever, but alright, I'll join in.

When I was about 8-10 my father was an asshole. He was always an asshole, he was violent and had anger management issues, but in those years my parents relationship got much worse. My sister and I were scared of him, and my Mum just wanted him gone. I saw some bad things. Once he grabbed a huge kitchen knife, kneeled down in the middle of our floor and threatened to kill himself right in front of me. I was about 8 so it was pretty freaky. A couple of times we had to have police safely accompany us from the house away from him. Anyway, eventually my parents got a divorce and from that day I never willingly saw him again, that was about 10 or so years ago. Since then I have seen him once or twice (we do live in the same town after all). Both times I started shaking straight away and ended up in tears, and one of my biggest fears is that he will one day come into the pizza place where I work and recognise me.

Some more recent events that were hard was the death of a lot of family members. Since my Dad left we stopped seeing that whole side of the family, so my family is VERY small now with a whole half missing. When I was in my final year of High School my Grandmother died, which was really hard for me. She was an amazing woman. Just a little while after this funeral my Uncle died suddenly one night. He was a truck driver and he crashed down the coast, blowing up the whole truck (it was a petrol tanker) and completely obliterating the truck. Apparently it took 5 or so hours to put the fire out, I don't think they found much of him. It was hard for me to watch the video footage of it on the news. He was the one and only family member from my Dads side that I still kept in touch with, now I don't see any of them and my Mum's side of the family is tiny.

This is weird, I hardly ever talk about myself in detail or my past. And I guess some of these things can be why I have a hard time trusting people, holding onto friends and how I can be a bitch sometimes. Oh well what can you do. The past is the past after all.
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Wow, Aleks, you've really had a rough patch there for sure. Are your uncle and his new lady still together?

As for me, the worst time period of my life was definitely my high school years. I was the guy that everyone ignored and/or avoided, and I spent every lunch period hiding in a book in the school library. This was when my problems with depression first started too, being a particularly bad patch because of my constant suicidal thoughts.

I still battle depression, but at least now I can cope with it... not like back then.
No, they are not. She is living in Switzerland with some other guy.

Sorry to hear about your problems, I am in a way similar to you but I have a girlfriend that keeps me going. I never really cared if I was ignored or not, I was always doing my own thing.


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September 8th, 2005 was the worst day of my life. My dad comes walking in my room and said the words that I never thought would come out of his mouth. He said 'Son, there is not an easy way to tell you this, but your girlfriend has passed away.' At that moment, everything stood still, and everything was moving in slow motion. I didn't cry, I wasn't angry, I was emotionless. I get up and then I saw her in the paper and that was when reality sank in. I knew it was real then. It was horrible. Even to this day I miss her so much, and there is not a day that goes by without me thinking of her.


I'm sorry for everything you had to go through, guys! :(

There isn't a 'worse moment' but I can remember nightmare moments like when my grandma' 89 [at the time] broke her leg and I thought she was never going to recover but today [92 years old] she's still alive safe and sound. I used to cry every single night for 30 days straight until she recovered and got back home from the hospital.

I also had nightmares when I found out my mom suffers from the osteoporosis but luckily she's in improvement now. She's been treated for 5 years now and luckily I've gotten over this!

There are a lot more and worse moments but I don't want to talk about them in this thread.


The day i came back here :roflmao:

Nah...it would be about 5 months ago, i was completely off the fuckin' handle. Hmm...a break down:

(July) I was about 5 months into a 7 month drinkin' binge...average a fifth of vodka /day. I was drinkin' from before i got out of bed in the AM til' i passed out 12 hr later
Started poppin' xanax bars in july, and thats what sent me over the top. In the last 3 weeks of july, all of this happened-

My buddy drove my car and flatted a tire and it was then stuck at a gas station (ended up bein there 3 days..)
Me and my girlie split...really liked her too
That same night we split, my boy came through in his whip, we got a 5th, and went to get gas. At the station these 2 decent lil thangs hollered out their car window at me. I walked over and they were tryin to get some dope...and said they would work for it
So now i'm super happy cause i was just in the mood for this and i was like what a treat to fall into my lap tonight...soo
Me n my buddy told them to follow us, went to the spot picked up a half ball of sno...let em taste it and they were real amped up. Coo
So we then headed back to my house with them following. Pulled up and all went in.
Got inside and cooked the shit up for them and let them hit that shit
They ended up gettin so blasted they couldnt even hardly move. This is where it all went south.
The one who was drivin', all of a sudden randomly goes out of the livin room to supposidly use her phone in private. THIS bitch ended up sneakin out my house and drove the fuck off! So now here i am left with this dopefiend stuck to my couch and she has no way home, and i dont have my car. Me n my boy were well drunk as fuck also. Sooo...

I decide the bitch can crash at my place for the night, she wasmt barely movin anyway. Well at this point the 5th is gone, and im still rarin to go. AAnd then i got my own self into trouble. Popped that xanax bar, and blacked out. The next day......

I wake up, hungover and confused, look to my right and heres this chick passed the fuck out smellin like she aint took a shower in 3 days. I look around the house, and my god damn buddy is gone! THIS motherfucker left also, apparently inmy blackout state i told him yea go ahead leave ill be aite...
Anyway, so im lookin for shit tryin to get my bearings , and realize that my god damn phone is in my friends car! And i dont know any bodys number by heart. Ohhhh it keeps gettin worse. I was like, man these motherfuckers didnt do shit last night, fuck it im gonna keep the rest of the shit and sell it cause i needed money after that shit. Well turns out the shits gone. At this point im jus like everything that can go wrong today will definately go wrong. Fuck.

So im wakin this chick up, like how you gonna get home? She turned out to live about 45 minutes away and had to wait on her mom of all things! God damn this is a mess. So her mom comes to the door and i had to show the chick out and felt awkward as hell. Anyways...now im stuck at my house with no phone, hardly any cash and no car. RAY OF HOPE: shazam! found about 1/3 of a 5th of vodka in the back of my fridge. Stress relief! Moving on...

So i down that mother and proceed to figure somethin out. It's about 105 degrees outside, muggy, no wind, and no clouds and im at least a 30 minute walk to the 1st person i know...the dude i got the dope off of the night before.

So i'm walkin through this hot ass shitty july day. No fuckin sidewalk im walkin down a drain line. God im sweatin through my beltholes. I finally arrive and about fell on my face when he opened up his door...thank god, he had a blunt. Now mind you i dont smoke but this was a special special circumstance...fuckkn kush to boot!

aITE so i'm veggin out just starin off at this muhfucka playin' call of duty for about 4 hrs...fuckin' nonstop clucks comin' in and out im havin to open the door and close it and burgler bar it every fuckin' time cause im close to the door, and i feel obligated cause im jus over here smokin up his weed and askin for constant food and beers...so anyway

Bout 5 oclock rolls around and he stops playin COD, and im like can you take me by my car so i can tell the gas station dude not to tow it. So we go and i mean its the worst fuckin spot for your car to be sittin there with the stereo and all that shit no tinted windows, man im shitty. So im talkin to this indian fool at the counter and he's like "I dunno man eh my boss he say if its not gone by tomorrow we will have to tow" i'm like fuck how am i gonna get a tire for this bitch by then and somehow get it to the tire shop? gotta be kiddin me. Well i fuckin did some wild shit i tell you...i jacked the bitch up and took the whole wheel off the car and jus left the jack and hoped for the best. My buddy spotted me the bread and i went n got a tire for 60 bux and they put it on for 20...cool...so i spent the night over there n next day went back put it on that mother and drove off...success! All in all i came outta that few days only down about 100$ lol ...but moving on:

About a week later, i'm fuckin with this new pussy n all, lifes gettin back to normal, and then outta nowhere i'm fuckin shit up again. It was ol girls birthday, so i went over toher crib in the AM and left a lil present at her door...went back home. Aaand started drinkin vodka. From 9am to about noon. She calls and thanks me for the present, and im like can i come see ya? Shes like yea but gotta be quick cause my family comin over soon and you cant be here. So i head out and get there quick, got my styrofoam polar pop cup fulla vodka and ice...sippin that mug in the car. So im chillin with her, annnd we both pop half a xanny bar! God damn do i ever learn!? So her family ends up poppin in on her early! Oh shit! She rushes me out the back door (she lives with her mom n shit but nobody was home, and i hadnt even met none of her family) and i run across the appt complex to this fat chick i fucked one time house. So im over there kickin it for like a hr...then poof! Blackout. I end up goin BACK to the girl i like's house and knockin on the door while her family is there for her bday! She sneaks out like what the fuck are you doin??! (I only know about all this part because she told me when she broke it off the next day!) I apparently came back for a goodbye hug, and she gave me a hug and shut the door. I then about 5 mins later start knockin again, screamin loud as fuck HAPPY BIRTHDAY KB! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOUU! Aaaand her dad answers the door. I apparently was 2 seconds away from squarin' up with the guy. Luckily for me i ended up walkin off to my car. So i go back home. ....

The next day i wake up, and im like hmm i wonder whats goin on with facebook...i log in and there is this super long message from ol' girl, basically shut me the fuckkkk down. I'm like what in the fuck?! What'd i do??! lol. So now im realllllllllly shitty. Bam. Start drinkin' vodka, and popped TWO xany bars. 10am.

11am: Blackout! I end up gettin a call from a buddy, and he wants to kick it and play some ball. So im like errrrrhgggOKAY! o_O...I then --got-in-the-car--...:O!!! oh noes.

I somehow make it in one piece to the guys house. We shoot around on the court for about an hr. It wears down my buzz a little, because apparently i made the sugguestion after we were done to get a 5th. Lol. So we ride to the store and get one and go back. We sat and drank about 2/3rds of that bottle while i watched him play ps3 for an hr or two. Welllllp i thought that was a good time to hit the dusty trail, so i say gbye and get in my car. Ugh.

His driveway was about the most typical, straight pull in driveway one could have. Easssssy as pie. I, apparently, did not agree on this day. While backing out,i ended up cuttin it too soon and completely destroyed his mailbox, and i'm in this big ass lincoln towncar mind you, so im thinkin damn i just fell off the sidewalk instead of ridin down the driveway ramp...haha what an idiot. Well i see my buddy come runnin out of the house lookin all stupid, and I just thought i had ran over the curb a bit, so i FELT stupid and so i jus waved and laughed, and pulled off! I get about 2 minutes down the road and he calls me, sayin wtf dude etc etc so i come back. Wow. Who put that mailbox there? Anyways, dudes dad comes out the house absolutely SCREAMING and beat red in the face. We're out there arguing for 10 minuts about to fight, and a neighbor comes out; he apparently called the cops on me. Anyway, i give the dudes dad my info and leave. But the NEIGHBOR thought i jus hit the mailbox and left, and so reported a hit and run. God damnit. Get about 10 minutes out and my budd calls me again, sayin i need to get off the road quick cause im reported in a hit and run! Shit! And im wayyyyyy passed fucked up.

I decide to go to penn station, i park backwards and go inside to wait out the heat. I get food. I eat food. I pass out IN my food. The manager calls the cops!! I woke up about 15 minute before the cops got there, and had gone back to my car, locked the doors and passed out. I was awakened by about 5 cops surrounding my car tappin on the glass. I get out and i mean theres prolly 6 squad cars and a fire truck! I'm thinkin NOT AGAIN! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO! lol. Sooooo...

I end up bein taken to jail charged with a PI and a Hit and Run. Goooodddd damnnnnitttt. Car impounded. GOD DAMNIT.

So i'm in the county, still obliterated beyond belief. But somehow im not passin out very easy, and im agitated. I go up to the nurses window and ask for some tylonol cause my head was hurtin, and they said no! im like, no?! what the fuck do you mean no?! and she said i mean NO. Oh now im shitty. I started punchin the glass between the two of us and then started bangin my fuckin skull on it! I do not know why, maybe to prove that my head was really hurtin now. lol. Anyway they didnt like that. These motherfuckers took ALL my clothes, put me in a cold ass motherfuckin padded box, with nothing but a drain hole in the very center of the floor! I'm like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS! They had me in the loony room! NO SINK, NO TOILET, NO CLOTHES, COLD FLOOR, NUT HAIRS ON THE FLOOR, OH MAN IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW.

Ok so i finally somehow manage to pass out on my back on this cold ass nasty floor. I had made an area nut hair free by using the side of my hand and blowing. Jesus h christ this is some fucked up shit. Well....

I wake up about 3 hrs later, hungry, thirsty, agitated again, and this time...oh fuck. That liquor is kickin my ass right now! I can feel it bubbling!! FUCK. NO. NOOO. NOT IN HERE, NOT RIGHT NOW. GOD DAMNIT I HAD DIARRHEA I TOOK ABOUT A 4 INCH PILE OF IT RIGHT ON THAT FUCKIN DRAIN HOLE, AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT THE FUCKIN SHIT JUST SAT RIGHT THERE ON THE TOP OF IT. IT MUSTA HAD JUSSSST ENOUGH DEXTARITY TO NOT SEEP THROUGH THE HOLES. So now im in this room with a big ol pile of stinkin SHIT in the middle of it. AND JUST DIARRHEAD AND NOTHING TO WIPE MY ASS. WHAT THE FUCK.

So i'm literally beating the fuck out of this padded door tryin to get more noise out of it, i resorted to kickin' it and was able to rattle it enough to get a fuckin officer to look in through the little slat window. I just pointed down for him at the floor, and he was like oh my fuckin god. Control Open cell D14. Or w/e number.

So he opens it up and im like dude give me some toilet paper RIGHT NOW. He sends an officer with a towel and a roll of TP for me, and i wipe my ass and put the towel on and followed her back to the main lobby area. Finally i was outta that fuckin room, AND THE POLICE HAD TO CLEAN UP MY NASTY SHIT HAHAHA. That news made the ENTIRE jail. I was rotated through about 3 different 'blocks' and every one i went to i eventually heard somebody mention "you hear about that dude that took a shit on the floor in his cell" lmfao, i never spoke up though

So thank god i finally went to video court 4 days later and got released on my own reconnisence. I had about 10 bucks on me when i got locked up and so thats what i was released downtown with. Had no car so i got a day pass for the metro and, yep you got it, a 5th of mckormics vodka :) you would think i would be so against alcohol by now its not even funny. Nupppe.

So im on the bus goin home, drinkin this vodka out of a gas station foam cup with ice. I'm at peace for the first time in 4 days. That bus ride was one of the highlights of this whole experience i'm describing for you guys. And that's sayin something, cause it was about 98 degrees on that bus and i didnt even have a seat, i was standing because there wasnt any chair next to another chair and i didnt wanna sit next to some bum

I get home. I make food. I crash.

I wake up. I begin the process of tryin to get my car back. I go through alllll sorts of beauocratic nonsense on the phone for hours. I finally learn, to my utter dismay, that i CANNOT get my car back until my court dates are finished and a sentence is handed out, due to the fact that it was used in the act of committing a felony! I'm like since when is a PI and a hit and run a fucking felony?! She said thats not it...its for "habitual traffic violator"! NOOOOO!!! THEY SUSPEND YOUR LICENSE FOR 5-10 YEARS FOR THAT SHIT!!! God i didnt even know about that, it wasnt even on my police report because its a DMV thing. FuckkkKKKK. Now i'm really stuck, for who knows how long!

And in the end, i never got my car back. I have a suspended license for the next 4 years. The hit n run was dropped because i actually DID give my info to the dude, AND i got him a new mailbox. The PI I only got a court fine for. 2 weeks after my last court date, i think in late august, I moved back to my hometown of nashville, TN. After all of that shit i just had to get the fuck outta indianapolis for a while. Now, there is a part 2 to all this shit, when i was living in nashville and decided to VISIT back up in indy. Lemme condense it. I end up blackin out again, fighting my buddy i'm staying with, get locked out of his house, walk to my other buddys house which is a hr walk, break into about 15 unlocked cars on the way and completely fill a grocery bag with tom tom navigation thingies, radar detectors, ipods etc., on the walk i thought i saw a cop following me and ended up TOSSING the whollle fuckin bag over some bushes and loosing all that shit, lol, i make it to my buddys house, crash, wake up, drink summore, pop a xanax bar, go out to his car blacked out while he's in the shower, steal his pistol from under his seat, walk to the bank, get some cash, walk BACK to his house to find him gone, break INTO his house, steal 20 dollars, leave, walk 50 blocks well into the wee hrs of the morning, meet this dude in the hood, sell him the pistol, go to a strip club with him, crash at his appt., get dropped off the next day at a liquor store, get a 5th, drink about half of it in under an hour, go to the bathroom at a grocery, pass out on the stall, wake up and theres 3 cops and a paramedic starin at me with my draws down sleepin on the toilet, i go to jail for PI. My cell phone is at the dudes house that i robbed. He starts txtin all my contacts that i'm a thief and a bitch etc, etc, etc, then breaks my phone. I get out of jail with no phone. I catch the fuckin grayhound back to tennessee and havent looked back since. End of story.


anyways...just makin' all the wrong choices time n time again without using shit i had learned from previous experiences to prevent future ones. happy to say now though that i havent drank anything since my leg got fucked up ,besides bein' hit by a fucking car recently, shits been gettin' better and i havent been craving instant gratifications like i was. I jus have a problem stayin' put and keepin away from things I find to be pleasurable

My old boss once said some wise shit to me, he said "man, sometimes its good in life to deny yourself the pleasure. You might have the money to spend and the ability to work good the next day while you feel like a trainwreck, but deny yourself some pleasures and you'll end up much happier with the times you let yourself have fun"

True shit, just gotta apply it =\
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There's been a few.

At age 16, I was so terribly lonely. New city, new high school, sister left home, mom busy with career and new husband. I had so much anger, and I caused a terrible incident that I can't admit, and went into psychiatric care.

At age 29, I hated my job. It made me terribly depressed. Everything seem shrouded with unhappiness.

At age 40, I had a serious bout of depression over a two year period. It was triggered by the rape and murder of a little 7 y/o girl in our community. (you might have heard of it...the Danielle Van Dam case). The feeling of vulnerability was overwhelming. Then that same year we had the 9/11 attacks and vulnerability was tripled.


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An interesting thread :).

I don't believe I have a "worst period" of my life; I have dealt with many bad periods of my life to say the least.

I apologize if this becomes a little too disturbing for anybody.

As a child I was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused daily. The worst memories of my childhood were my dad's perfectionism; he would physically punish me, be it with his hands or an object, for making mistakes or simply not grasping a concept in a short period of time without regard to how old I was. One incident, in the second grade, he was on a rampage over mistakes I made on my homework, and I was ready to stab him with a pocket knife. He threatened my life when I was in the fourth grade for the first time. I first remember considering suicide when I was ten years old; I felt it would be easier to take that route than come home with a C+ on an art assignment.

You can say that I never had much parental love in my life. I wasn't hugged and told that I was loved when I was growing up. Neither did I have any friends; I have been diagnosed with autism, therefore I suffer from complete social ineptness and consistent rejection. It's sad when almost nobody can see you as worth being friends with. Friendship is a lost cause to me now.

High school wasn't much better for me. I was enrolled in an autism program when I was fourteen. It was special in that it was the first time I was complimented regularly. By this time I had taken on my dad's extreme perfectionism myself and was involved in aggressive self-harming everyday. Now I no longer have feeling in areas of my body. Also, since I was bigger, confrontations between my dad and I increased. I was rehabilitated when I was seventeen for self-harming and suicide attempts. My dad shot himself in our master bedroom two weeks before my eighteenth birthday, the third or fourth suicide in my family. We went bankrupt and had to leave the province.

Therefore it is hard to say what was the worst period of my life is. There have been many bad periods of my life.