The worst shower conditions?


What are some of the worst conditions where you HAD to shower/wash yourself?

Today[in the morning] was very cold and I had forgotten to warm the water. I had to shower myself because I did some aerobics and couldn't go out sweaty. :shifteyes:

So I showered in cold water... :-/. It was terrible!!!!!!! I couldn't stop trembling.

Also, the same thing happened to a friend but besides forgetting to warm the water, her bathroom had no window so she washed herself in the middle of the winter, with no window ..and cold water.
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I've had completely minimal water pressure before, that's probably worse than cold, at least cold you adjust to (or at least I do), but not having enough water pressure to get the soap/shampoo out of your hair is terrible.


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Worst for me was when I visited my Dad in Toronto a couple of years ago and I got sunburned REALLY bad and when I had to shower I completely forgot to cool the water and ended up nearly scarring myself - I don't think I've ever leapt out of a shower as fast!


Bad times!

I LOVE cold showers!


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My relatives' beach house has an outdoor shower. Looks similar to this:

We have to shower outside to avoid getting sand in the drains inside, or something. Anyway, it's usually not bad showering out there, but sometimes there are mosquitoes, or worse, a bee that gets in the shower, which can make things quite unpleasant.


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Back in 08, I forgot to pay my hydro bill for awhile, and so it got cut off. So I had to shower with cold water, in the dark. I don't mind cold showers though


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In Florida, the water pressure was horrible, it felt like someone was dropping tiny stones on me >.<


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One summer camping I made the mistake of being out on a boat all afternoon with no shirt, or protection. I had a slight (very slight) itch on my shoulder blade. Anyways, I went to wash up and soon as the warm water hit that itch it spread throughout my entire back.

Yup, sunburn itch. I flew out of the shower, stomped my feet over and over as my back would not stop squirming. It was probably the worst morning of my life. I could not stop moving! I got some aloe gel and other things soon thereafter, but it still went on for a few hours.
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Like Kibi, i've done the really badly sunburnt shower.. It was so bad I could hardly walk as it was so painful to bend my knees. I completely forgot to adjust the water the first time I showered after that from my normal temperature. Damn that was painful.

But my very worst shower experience...When I first moved to NZ, we lived in a caravan for about 3 months while we traveled around the country...anyway...we had run out of hot water in the shower in the caravan, so I decided to use the ones at the campsite facility we were staying at. It was one of those ones with the gully that runs all the way down the back of all the showers, to a drain. Anyway, I was going about my shower and this turd comes floating down the gully. I have never in my life excited the shower faster. So gross. I didn't use the campsite facility showers for the rest of that trip. :sick:


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My worst was taking a shower when they were flushing the hydrants. They don't post signs saying they will be doing it. As I was taking a shower, the water in the tub was very dirty. I was like, "I could of sworn I took a shower yesterday." I hurried up and shut the shower. I flushed the toilet and sure enough, it filled up with dirty water. I flushed every sink in the house until the water was clear again and retook my shower.

The other day, they flushed the hydrant and my female friend was there and I am surprised she didnt hear me telling my brother if he was boiling anything to check the water first because they were flushing the hydrants. A few minutes later, my female friend went to use the bathroom and she was like what is wrong with you guys?! do you guys flush anymore? :lol:
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My worst shower experience involves being fully clothed :hah: but I guess that's beside the point...

I'll go with the showers at Guide camp. They were just really unpleasant, I think temporary ones, and you felt like it was all going to fall down around you. And you're there for 5 days so it's not like you can avoid taking one, though we were young and some girls probably did. :shifteyes: