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Movies The Worst movie EVER


aka ginger warlock
Source: The Register

It's taken us more than a week, but we're finally ready to raise the curtain on the contenders for the worst movie ever title.

We're still a bit groggy after days of wading through the most malodorous cinematic effluent as nominated by you, our beloved readers, so while you get on with the voting you'll excuse us if we go for a little lie down
So here it is folks, the list according to The Register of the worst films of all time. I am not suprised by the list but I am shocked of how well some films have come out compared to others, I am very pleased to see that Megashark Vs Giant Octopus is actually doing better than Twilight, The Phantom Menace & Battlefield Earth!

So of the films on the list what gets your vote?


I am the woolrus
Undoubtedly The Room by Tommy Wiseau. I love hilariously bad movies, and The Room is my favourite film of all time. I'm pretty sure i've seen it 100+ times by now. Me and my friends stumbled across it in 2008 and for the rest of that college year we'd watch it at LEAST once a week! It's so awful it's perfect. it's a thing of beauty!!

I recommend it to ANYONE who knows how to enjoy a good bad movie!


Registered Member
Odd to see two British films copied by Hollywood on there, I'm surprised The Wicker Man with Nic Cage wasn't there.

Although, maybe the poll should have been 'Worst Movie that should have been good Ever'

Because otherwise, 'Snitch in New York' which was made for about 25 cents would be the worst. Everything about it stunk, especially the fact that the entire film made absolutely no sense. Although it did make me laugh because it was so utterly inept. In a way, it has to be seen just so you can gauge bad films in future.

If it was a film that should have been good then I'd nominate City of Angels, which was appalingly drab and silly throughout (bicycle/lorry scene, shopping for veg as monumentous meeting place etc) in my opinion. Yet that might just be my own bias.

On a whole 'open-minded' score I'd lump this award on City Rats with Danny Dyer which was the most boring thing ever made, or perhaps the remake of The Day of Dead for attempting to destroy a genre, and still failing. Who knows, there's a lot of crap out there.


I voted for Twilight, due to my deep seated hatred of the entire franchise, but I was very tempted also to vote for The Happening. A couple of movies I genuinely enjoy on the list are The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and War of the Worlds (even though Tom Cruise drives me crazy).


AKA Ass-Bandit
None of them. The worst movie of all time has to go to Irish "kung-fu" movie, Fatal Deviation. Seriously, look at this dross.

Fatal Deviation (1/8) - YouTube


I am the woolrus
None of them. The worst movie of all time has to go to Irish "kung-fu" movie, Fatal Deviation. Seriously, look at this dross.

Fatal Deviation (1/8) - YouTube
YES!! Another one of my favourites! Oh man, i love everything about that film. Forget Angela's Ashes, this is definitely our greatest cinematic export!!

"....There are no rules" :p

I love how the main character is supposed to come across as a hero and a "knight in shining armour", but he just comes across as a complete psychopath!! Beating and murdering people for next to nothing! Although possibly my favourite moment in the film is when Jimmy gets the incorrectly spelled note threatening him... "Loose or else". Genius.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I'm amazed Sunshine made it on that list. I can get why people may not like it but wow, worst film ever? no way. I'm with Wooly on The Room. I think it may have been him who introduced it to me in a bad movie thread I posted here a while back and since then I've seen it 3 times. I'm even tempted to buy a T shirt of it. in fact it's probably brought me more joy than most good films. Essential viewing.


No Custom Title Exists
For me, the worst movie I have ever watched was Crank: High Voltage which is shocking to me as I never thought that Jason Statham would accept such shit role.


It's not me, it's you.
From the list...it would be a tie between The Happening and Snakes on a Plane.

However, I haven't seen at least half those movies.