The worst foul shots?


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Over the years I've seen many bad fouls while watching a lot of boxing. There are always certain fouls that always stick out in my mind. A few are:

Golota-Bowe (you know what I'm talking about).

Holyfield-Dokes, Holyfield hit dokes with a clearly intentional head butt and quickly followed up with a clearly intentional low blow. Dokes wasn't the same after it.

Cooney-Holmes, Larry says he still feels that low blow in the 9th.

Obviously Tyson's ear bite incident.

Ali thumbed Terrell in a clinch during the 3rd round of their fight and really screwed up Terrell's eye, he was seeing 3 of the same guy for the remaining 12 rounds.


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Roberto Duran fouling Ken Buchanon..
The 2 fighters are now good friends.. Duran credits it as being his hardest fight, while Buchanon has often said, "Every time I take a piss, I think about him"


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Golota intentionally headbutted Danell Nicholson in the fight previous to the Bowe debacles.A while before that he bit Samson Pou;ha on the shoulder.He is clearly the top man for fouls.

Sam Peter rabbit punches for a living.Toney,Wladimir or McGee fights he did it often.

Fritzie Zivic was one of the dirtiest fighters ever.Elbows,headbutts,shoving,etc.Just all round dirty.


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Marciano & Tyson both liked to follow through with the elbow..
Evander Holyfield, Jose Napoles & Jim Watt were all quite useful with the head.. More importantly, they were also good at not getting caught by the Ref..