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PC Games The worst computer games.


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There are some games for computer that I cannot stand because they are so complicated and they were not good ideas for games.

I couldn't decide between

Age Of Empires 3
Sim City 4

I'm sure that you all have heard of these games, sorry Age of Empires fans I don't like any age of empires games except the original.


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The only one I have to worry about hating with a passion is Railroad Tycoon. MegaMike can have that back now.


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Staff member
I never played the Sims but I know that I hate it. Same goes for Second Life.

I don't actually hate any PC games much though because the ones I don't like I usually quit before I have a chance to hate them.


Unreal 2. Small, linear, boring, and didn't even continue the originals story. I think because of this game, Unreal 3 will never happen.


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Age of Empires caters to a specific crowd so not everyone is going to like it.

Personally, crap like the Sims is wicked lame to me, I don't see how people could get enjoyment out of it. I have to agree with Unreal 2 though, they should stick to the Tournament games.


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World of Warcraft. Not because it's a bad game, I'm just tired of loads of people talking about it. If I hear more nonsensical ramblings about this game, I'm bound to murder someone.


Problematic Shitlord
Yeah, I almost said World of Warcraft as well.

I've also heard Hellgate: London is supposed to be an incredible waste of money (because they charge you for almost everything).