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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Greetings movie goers

Tonight we are going to be talking about The Worst Action Adventure Film Ever

What, in your opinion, is the worst action movie ever made? For the purposes of this discussion you can only pick one per post!

Here is my pick for The Worst Action Adventure Film Ever :

The last Action Hero

This movie was so lame, the acting was third rate, the plot sucked, what more do I need to say.

So what do you think is the Worst Action Adventure Film Ever and why?
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LMFAO. I didnt even open this, just reading the Title that was my very first choice.

Since its already been mentioned I'm gonna go with Stallon's "Cliffhanger" that movie sucked so bad.


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Is there any doubt?
"Wild Wild West"
Oh yeah, I just remembered
"Independence Day"

hmmm...that's 2 Will Smith movies, I thought I liked Will Smith
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Spoilers are just no issue with you then?

The acting was cheesy, dialogue was cheesy, the aliens were cheesy, the characters were cheesy. Movies like Independence Day and Armageddon are the same feel-good-American movies that are so blown out of proportion and overly comical that they're lame.