The word "Soccer"

Discussion in 'Football / Soccer' started by redfan, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. redfan

    redfan Registered Member

    Where, oh where did it come from???? I am English and have never understood that word. Can you "Socc" something and therefore be a "Soccer"? Or must you "Socc" the ball? :confused:

  2. Jeanie

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  3. redfan

    redfan Registered Member

    Thanks Jeanie! :)

    hmmm must add more letters apparently....
  4. idisrsly

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    Considering the fact that the next 'soccer' world cup is held in SA (my home country), I think soccer is the appropriate name.

    You say 'football', I say soccer. Where is the world cup?? Oh here. So guess we call it soccer then!!!!???

    ARGMAN Registered Member

    one day some Latin guy went USA and saw them playing a new game (American Football) and nobody is playing his football

    "I want to play football" he asked
    "you suck" they said
    "I socc?, I am a soccer??" and there you go
  6. Vidic15

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    Australia has to call it soccer because we already have a 'football' here which is obviously the Aussie Rules, I, being from Europe, have grown up to call it football and that's how it will continue.

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