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Movies The wonderful world of movie cliché's


aka ginger warlock
Most films I look up on IMDb will normally have a "100 things I learnt from..." etc and it got me thinking about all the cliché's in the world and how as much as we say "oh for f**k sake!" it just wouldn't be the same without so I thought for a laugh we could compose a list of the ultimate movie cliché's.

These are a few that spring to mind for me:

  • If a car moves off from a starting position the tires will always squeal no matter how slow or big the car is, also, when people do there will always be a squealing cat in the background.

  • If someone drives home drunk there is pretty much a guarantee the car will hit bins outside the residence, usually no other houses have bins outside so why that one?

  • If someone rings someone else they very rarely say "hello" unless it is a horror movie in which case that is all they will say.

  • If you are watching an action movie and the leads wife/husband/son/daughter has died, they are fighting it in there honor.

  • If you are watching an action movie and the leads wife has just had a baby he is getting home alive.

  • If you are watching an action movie and the lead is very close to leaving his job he will always stick around for that final job.

There are hundreds more I could think of but I would be interested to hears others :D


Registered Member
*If a gadget is shown or demonstrated in a spy film, it will be used.

*Somebody in a horror film will always be caught alone

*An action film will always include a car chase-crash/explosion/gun fight. Or all three.

*Phone signal will not be present in horror films.


yellow 4!
*They're always brave enough to 'check it out' in horror films instead of turn back, like most normal people would

*Women fall over whilst running away

*Cabin lights always flicker during aeroplane turbulence

*Everyone is an expert at picking locks with a hair pin or paper clip
oh oh..
*When the TV is turned on, it is conveniently at the exact moment the news reporter starts a new sentence about something relevant to the plot
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