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The Wisdom of James Gunn


A.M. Radio

Think of the Holocaust. A horrible tragedy, yes. Worth it? Perhaps.

James Gunn, on World War 2

I went in to interview with Lloyd Kaufman for a summer job. I thought I’d file papers. Instead, he offered me a hundred and fifty bucks to write TROMEO & JULIET.

James Gunn, on Screenwriting

Go to the messageboards (you know, the ones with all the weirdos who can't understand a movie can be humorous AND horrific) and let them know.

James Gunn, on Message Boards

In fact, I’m certain I got ****ed with less than any first time director in the history of Hollywood.

James Gunn, on Filmmaking.

On the set of SLiTHER we often said John Carpenter's THE THING was our Bible.

James Gunn, on Religion

Be warned: Rooker is insane.

James Gunn, on Michael Rooker

Anyone who has talked to the SLiTHER gang knows that there are few things we love more than furries. We don't really understand furries. We don't really know what furries are. But we love them nonetheless

James Gunn, on Furries.

I can't help but think about Jesus Christ. He gave himself, and that's what I do with my art. The only difference is, Jesus is a totally Made up person, and I'm real.

James Gunn, on Jesus Christ

And, equal to all that, the fans that I've met along the way have been wonderful.

So thanks.

James Gunn, on his Fans

Yeah, I'm one of the many fans, creating a James Gunn quote list from movies, blog entries, interviews, ect. Why? Because Chuck Norris may be able to punch a cow and turn it into ground beef, but he can't make a kickass movie. That and normal shameless plugging isn't doing the trick.


i didn't even know it was quotes AND who "James Gunn" is. mind filling us in?

Anonym0uz Bitch

Since it is Radio posting I am going to assume it is the James Gunn that is the film maker, writer, cartoonist, etc.

A.M. Radio

Sorry. I copied and pasted this from my myspace, but the thing is, I must have forgot Mr. Gunn's website.

He is a writer/director. SLiTHER is his directorial debut, but he wrote many other films. I am his faithful servant, i.e. obsessed fan.


A.M. Radio

lilbballfrk â„¢ said:
is he that good? ???

See how good he can be. See his wife's movie.

If not for the holocaust, Spielberg would have never won an Oscar.

-James Gunn, on Steven Spielberg

I'm making a sandwich.

-James Gunn, on Sandwiches

A.M. Radio

Is what a joke? The mockumentary I've been plugging, Lollilove? yes, it is a joke, a long and funny one.

See, the reason I do shameless plugging is because that is really how filmmakers survive. Mainstream critics want to destroy movies while, if they are good and in need of help, I plug them.

SLiTHER I am plugging because of it's box office failing, despite being the best reviewed movie of the year (no, seriously, it is the best reviewed movie of the year). Lollilove because it's distribution is lacking because it was picked up by a studio that is on an economic blacklist.

Alot of my quotes are from "Lollilove" and are in fact not supposed to be entirely serious.

Like this factoid.

I have an awareness of germs that most people don't have.

James Gunn, on being a germaphobe

(he's not really a germaphobe)


ohh! i actually believed it for a while. v.v i thought they were really giving lollipops to the homeless. lol. i was like :eek: