The Who, What, Why, How of God and Sin

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by FutureTrackStar, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I saw a post at the beginning of the "Why I believe in God" thread that suggested that we categorize our discussions instead of lumping them all into one big "God's existence" thread. So, I'll start a few categories.

    This one is for discussion who and what God is, why and how he might exist, and the same questions about sin. Also related are questions like "Why does God let sin live". This is basically the thready for all the big questions you would ask God... if He exists... related to Him and His creation.

    To begin, I'll answer the question "why does God allow suffering?"

    God allows suffering because He is merciful. He is giving Satan a chance to prove himself, and his ways, as better than God and His ways. Thus, God allowed Satan to influence and deceive mankind. Suffering is the result of man's sin. God does not want His children to suffer, but He is very merciful toward us and Satan, so He allows it... temporarily.

  2. MenInTights

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    Suffering also testifies to God. No matter how powerful and rich you are or how much you try, you will never defeat suffering and death. Those are things only God can do.
  3. Corona

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    God is merciful to his fallen angel at our expense?

    So the existence of suffering proves God?
  4. Merc

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    So God is basically a cop that lets a rapist continuing raping people in hopes that he'll eventually stop and show moral strength?

    This is certainly no god I'd ever want to follow.
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    Interesting thread. I have stated my theory on this in the past. Basically you can't have a perfect society AND a free will. If people want to do whatever they want then they shouldn't complain when bad things happen.

    Kind of like in the 2nd Matrix when they go deep into the free will vs. pre-programmed choices. I found that interesting and it's a good comparison if you ask me.

    Look at videogames as somewhat of an example too. You have your platform games like Mario where you can do whatever you want just as long as it's within a strict set of rules. Then you have your sandbox games like GTA where you have a lot more freedom. Real life is obviously the most advanced of them all, and while actions will usually still have consequences, you could technically do mostly anything you wanted within your physical limits. Humans are definitely capable of great atrocities. Most people choose to live more civil lifestyles though.

    See my text above. I guess the alternative you are implying would be smiting/lightning coming down from the sky and taking out anybody who makes bad decisions? Perhaps clipping glitches whenever you try to do something bad? You just get stuck in some form of reality lag while the people around you have a chance to escape?
  6. FutureTrackStar

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    - "our expense" is a direct result of disobeying God, i.e. obeying Satan. Your question presumes a God. God can have one of three moral codes: 1. God smites everybody he sees as unrighteous immediately after the person sins, 2. God is merciful, but will ultimately punish all unrighteous beings, 3. God lets everybody do w/e they want forever, even if he doesn't like it. The 1st one is obviously wrong, and the third one is contrary to the idea of God because God is infinitely perfect and righteous and therefore will not allow unrighteous beings to go unpunished.

    - Lol, would you rather follow a God who smites you immediately upon sinning?

    - Right... but.... You don't even have free will right now. Turn your computer into a monkey by speaking... you don't have free will. What you have is a will defined by certain limits, which is therefore not free and not unbound. You are bound to rules. If one of those rules was that it was impossible for you to sin, as impossible as it is for you to turn your computer into a monkey using speech, then you would have a perfect society... but yes, your will would nevertheless be bound.

    - Amen.


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