The White House: "Setting the record straight".

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What do you think about this interview?

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  1. They go too easy on the president - they should attack and smear him more.

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  2. Good - ask more questions and pursue the answers, and let Bush justify his assertions.

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  3. This is way too much - the President should not be treated this way.

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  1. fleinn

    fleinn 101010

    One of my favourite things about the Bush- administration is their issuing of "setting the record straight" memos whenever they're getting bad press. Not simply because it's an overview of which issues the White House is focusing their PR on, but because the memos are always humourously exaggerated and delivered with various degrees of indignancy - from "upset princess", to "royal decree". Observe:

    Setting the Record Straight: President Bush's Interview With Richard Engel of NBC News
    Needless to say, the full interview (see it here) is much worse on Bush as far as clarifying his position on Iran (which again was iterated in the next question, which was included in the cut version), as well as disproves Gillespie's suggestion that Bush actually answered the question at all.

    (Also, see Froomkin's White House Watch for invaluable context, as usual. ..with context, I mean information about what happened, not opinionated spin, btw).

    So, obviously, the topic for debate today would be: Should NBC be closed, and/or dismissed from respectable discourse in the public sphere? Or did NBC's editorial board merely make a mistake this time. Or - is such journalistic extravagance like this proof of their agenda to undermine the President, destroy the US, and bring Sharia law to the US?

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