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The "What did you eat last" thread


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Staff member
Sure, these threads can be stupid sometimes, but hey, they usually get a good conversation going! :D

For all you food lovers out there:

"What did you eat last?"

My most recent meal consisted of some good old fashioned spaghetti and meat balls with a salad on the side. :nod:

There is a reason I waited until today to start this thread. ;)

Pull up a chair, grab a plate, a napkin, some silverware (or don't, that's up to you), and enjoy!



what? no pink?
we enjoyed a croissant with some sliced turkey : )


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Has anyone had bubble tea? It's like a smoothy drink with tapioca on the bottom. I had one in Chicago at Joy Yee's and they are the best. The ones around here aren't that good at all. I just wish they open up a Joy Yee's around here. Here is a picture of us in front of Joy Yee's. From left to right: Me, Cowboy Kevin, my brother Bruce, his friend Scott and Bubble tea addict Mike.



what? no pink?
I had bubble tea when I went to hawaii two years ago. it was okey but not really something that I care to drink all the time. I just didn't care for sucking all those bubbles up the straw :rolleyes:


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I want to know why today?

Last thing I ate? Taco Bell!!!!!


Wanna play?
Chicken Helper...:D

The gourmet chef in me came out tonight!