The website is down! (funny movie)


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I had seen that earlier. For someone who works for a Help Desk, it is very funny. Because too many times that is exactly what happens. They don't check before they do stuff and then you have problems.


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Snipes knows what I mean when I say playing Halo at work is what it's all about. :D We used to work for a company that had XBOX's and 8 player Halo set up in the break room lol.

And that's hilarious. I love how this person isn't busy at ALL and acts like he/she is (I couldn't tell by the distorted voice).


That reminds me of when GF goes down. Like 10 IM windows pop up immediately.

But seriously I hate when I'm playing a game and somebody calls and I am trying to play the game AND talk and I end up getting kicked from the game.... That totally happened in that video and I laughed pretty hard lol.

DUDE, that guy has so much stuff open... AOL, and odd choices of things open at work... LOL this guy is such a loser. The picture of the icons......... I've actually done that to people as a prank before. Always a good time.

Funny stuff! :)